HOT!! *Possible* Restock of Hatchimals and Nintendo Classic Game on 12/4 at Toys R Us! In Stores Only!


Ok guys! I know a lot of you have been trying to get a Nintendo Classic Game and/or a Hatchimals toy….but these HOT items usually sell out super fast! 😩 Well, rumor has it that Toys R Us stores will be restocking BOTH of these items tomorrow, December 4th! This may not be the case in every store, but there’s a good chance many stores will have a new supply of these HOT items available! It looks like there will be a limit of 1 item per customer as well, so keep that in mind if you’re needing more than one of each. Consider recruiting a shopping buddy! 😉 READ MORE »

4 Ways to Work Out for Free


How are your feeling about your current fitness situation?  Have you noticed that you gained that holiday weight that everyone complains about?  In case you haven’t noticed, Christmas and New Year are rapidly approaching.  Before you know it you are going to be thinking less about baking treats and more about working those treats off!  You might want to start thinking about how you are going to do that.  Whether you set your goals now or wait until starting those New Year’s Resolutions, the time is near! READ MORE »

Family Christmas Activities To Do This December!


Looking for some fun holiday Christmas activities or things you can do to get you in the Christmas spirit? Here’s a list of family friendly activities to do together. Some are free and some may cost you a little money but any of these are sure to bring lots of memories this Christmas season. READ MORE »

25 Fun & Simple Activities to Add to Your Christmas Advent Calendar

advent-calendar-picDo you have a Christmas Advent Calendar? We do, and my kids absolutely love it. As soon as they wake up, they head straight to the calendar to see what’s inside. Each day holds a piece of paper with either a service idea or an activity that we will do on that day. It’s a fun way to get the kids in the Christmas spirit. If you don’t have an Advent Calendar, no worries! Just grab a Santa hat or stocking and write up these 25 different activities. Then each morning have the kids take turns and draw one out. Here are 25 ideas that are super simple, yet fun. Hopefully these will help you out! READ MORE »

Get Holiday Ready with These House Cleaning Tips


Are you having holiday guests coming to stay?  Are you planning to have a holiday party?  Are you ready?  As in, is your house ready for the onslaught of guests and action?  It’s time to dust off your furniture and shine up those windows folks!  No one wants to invite guests into a dirty house! READ MORE »

Earn Amazon Gift Cards with These Tricks


Are you looking for ways to stretch your Christmas budget? I always love finding fun ways to earn Amazon gift cards to use on my Christmas shopping.  I do 75% of my Christmas shopping on Amazon anyway, so if I can easily earn the money to spend there, why not do that instead of spending money out of your bank account? READ MORE »

Freeform: 25 Days of FREE Christmas Movies Starts December 1st! Here is the Complete List

moviesOne of my absolute favorite things to do around Christmas time is get in my comfy pajamas, snuggle up with a soft blanket, and watch a Christmas movie with my family….and lets not forget the hot chocolate. To make that night even better would be getting a FREE Christmas movie that we can all watch. Well, we are all in luck. Freeform (formally ABC Family) is starting their 25 Days of Christmas movies on December 1st.  This runs through Christmas day and is packed of fun movies the whole family will enjoy. You can also download the Freeform app right here for free. Enjoy this full list: READ MORE »

Everything You Need to Consider When Buying a Tree & Ways To Save On a Real Tree This Year!


I’ve always loved the smell and look of a real tree and we’ve really been contemplating on getting one this year. So I’ve done a little research and come up with some ways you can get the best Christmas tree, save money on one and keep it alive through the Christmas season. READ MORE »

The Best Part time Job for Your Teen


Is your teenager ready to start working?  If you think that your teen is old enough and mature enough to start earning money, you might be asking yourself what the best jobs for them are? READ MORE »

How to Live Paycheck to Paycheck and Still Save


Do you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to save up for an emergency fund?  There are things that you can do to help put yourself in a better financial position.  Take a look at this little list that we have put together of easy ways that you can boost your savings when you feel like you are scraping by. READ MORE »

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