Clever Hacks/Tricks To Deep Cleaning Your Car!


The weather is warming up and if you’re like me your car has seen better days. We’ve spent so much time in our car from carpooling to school, visiting family and running errands that all the mess and crumbs from the kids (and maybe a little from myself) has added up. It’s time for a good deep cleaning! Here’s some tricks that I’ve used myself and some I’ve found that I’m excited to try out! READ MORE »

Get a Gorgeous Spring Lawn without the Expense


spring lawn

Do you have a yard?  Do you find yourself struggling to keep your lawn looking great without spending a lot of money?  Well, I have some tips for you to follow that will enable you to keep your lawn looking great without spending a fortune, or a lot of time on it. READ MORE »

6 Ways to Save Money on Kids Clothes

6 ways to save on kids clothes

Do you have kids?  Do you find yourself spending a lot of money buying lots of clothes for them?  Yes, you want your kids to be well clothed, and yes you want them to get what they want, but does that mean that you need to spend a lot of money?  The answer to that is no.  You do not need to overextend yourself just to dress your kids because there are some awesome (and sometimes creative) ways to save money on kids clothes. READ MORE »

6 Ways to Save Money on Books!


Did you know that March is National Reading Month?  That means that it is time to get yourself a new book and time to work on getting your kids into reading!  I absolutely love that my kids love to read.  I also love it when they ask me for new books (instead of toys or candy), but books are not cheap these days, so I cringe a little when they ask me in store.  I much prefer they ask me at home so that I have time to research the best deals that I can get them for.  If you are the same way and don’t like paying those exorbitant costs for new release books, check out these 6 ways to save money on books that I follow each and every time I shop for new reading materials. 🙂 READ MORE »

Tips for Throwing Together a Quick Dinner Party



Have you been all of the sudden put into the position of having to host a dinner party?  Maybe some event has happened and you have volunteered to cook for everyone.  Or maybe a celebration is in order??  Whatever the reason, you can have a kick butt dinner party on short notice no problem! READ MORE »

100 Cheap Date Night Ideas

date night ideas f2dValentine’s Day is coming up and there’s no better time to think about how to add a little romance into your marriage or relationship. It doesn’t need to cost a lot of money to have a night where you are laughing, learning, and growing closer to one another. Here are 100 awesome ideas that won’t break the bank and provide that time you need to strengthen your relationships. READ MORE »

Time Management Tips For Working Moms!


I’ve been a work at home Mom for a little less than 5 years and we’ve had our ups and downs along the way but I’ve learned a lot about time management. So whither you’re working at home, at the office or just trying to manage your kids schedules I hope these tips can help you balance it all and make life more enjoyable and easier. READ MORE »

5 Ways to Save Money on Flowers

5 ways to save money on flowers

As we discussed yesterday, Valentine’s Day is just days away.  Do you have your gift options planned? You already know that a big gift is not required to show your love, but you probably want to get your loved one something.  Maybe a box of chocolates or a card or maybe you want to surprise your love with some flowers. READ MORE »

5 Tips for Knowing How to do Valentine’s Day on the Cheap

5 tips for knowing how to do valentines day on the cheap

Valentine’s Day is just days away….how are you going to celebrate?  You know, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make the day of love special, you just have to be creative and it can be the best Valentine’s Day ever! READ MORE »

Super Easy Banana Bread Recipe

banana breadsMy kids absolutely love banana bread. I even put it in their school lunches to switch up the sandwich ritual I seem to have going on. It seems like I am always buying bananas and sometimes we don’t go through them as quickly as I like. So they turn brown and then what do I do with them? I either put them in the freezer or make a batch of this bread. This recipe is super easy and yummy. So the next time you have bananas that are turning a little brown, try this out! READ MORE »

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