Tips to Hosting the BEST Yard Sale!

It’s that time of year where yard sales start popping up everywhere! We’ve been spring cleaning and finding lots of stuff we don’t need any more so it had me thinking it’s time to do a yard sale! After lots of research (and some experience) I’ve put together some tips you can use to having the best yard sale! READ MORE »

Decorate Your Home on the Cheap with These Tips

Spring has arrived my friends!  For me, the change of season often comes with doing some redecorating in my home.  It’s like a fresh start 4 times per year! Besides, it’s nice to flow with the seasons with your decor.  During spring and summer for example, I often decorate with brighter colors and switch out my drapes to something lighter in weight.  I’m not trying to keep the heat in after all. READ MORE »

5 Things You Should Spend More Money On, That Will Save You Money in the Long Run

I wholeheartedly believe that in some instances it takes money to save money.  Yes, you read that right. The fact of the matter is that there are some occasions where you need to spend more money now to avoid spending even more later on. READ MORE »

6 Ways to Earn $100 This Week

Need some fast cash? It is nearing the end of the month after all.  Maybe you need help paying some bills or buying groceries, or maybe you just really want to earn extra money to add a little more cushion to your money pillow. READ MORE »

8 Things You Should Stop Buying Now

Are you tired of running out of money before you run out of the month?  It is so easy to blow right past your budget with the things we think we need on a day to day basis.  So, how can you do better? How can you make your budget work better for you? First and foremost you need to stop spending money unnecessarily.  To help with that, I have come up with a list of 8 things you should stop buying now: READ MORE »

5 Tips on Making Your Spring Family Pictures Perfect

Spring time is a popular time for family pictures. Flowers are in full bloom and the sun is shining. However, it could get tricky to figure out what everyone in your family should wear. Especially if you’re spending money to get your family pictures taken, you want to make sure you’re ready! Here are 5 tips to help your spring family pictures turn out perfect. READ MORE »

FREE Spring Cleaning Checklist + My Trick To Getting That Oven Clean!

freebies2deals- spring cleaning list

I don’t know if you’re like me but I’m so ready and excited to finally have spring here! The weather is warming up and the sun is coming up earlier which gets me up and going for the day. But with spring comes the sometimes dreaded, SPRING CLEANING! What’s something you hate thinking about having to clean when you hear spring cleaning?? For me it’s the dreaded garbage cans…my mom used to make us take every garbage can outside and scrub them down every spring. Now my kids get to the do the same 🙂 READ MORE »

6 Jobs That You Can do from Home!

Are you still living paycheck to paycheck?  Even after busting your butt day after day, do you find that there is too much month left at the end of the money?  Well, sometimes it’s simply an income problem. We just need more of it to change our lives. That may mean that you need to find a higher paying job, or, it could mean that you need to get yourself a side hustle and kick butt earning some money on the side to put yourself in a better position. READ MORE »

5 Steps to Take When Asking for a Raise

So, you have been at the same job for some time now and you think you are ready to ask for a raise.  Did you know though, that it is not enough to just go up to the boss and ask? Asking for a raise requires a little bit of work before it’s done and for good reason.  Here are 5 steps to take when asking for a raise and following these steps make that raise more likely to happen: READ MORE »

Space Saving Tips for a Small Room

If you have small rooms in your home, you may notice how easy it is to overcrowd the room leaving it unorganized, cluttered, and dirty. There are some simple ways to make a small room more bright, open and clean. These steps are pretty simple, but they do take some time to implement. In the end though, it will make these rooms feel more open and give you more room. READ MORE »

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