5 Unique Ways to Save Money on Groceries

It seems like we are always talking about how to save money on one thing or another.  I mean, of course we are, that’s why were are here, right? To save money! But it does seem like we are always going over the same ways to save money over and over again.  That’s why today we are going to talk about unique ways that we can save money on groceries! READ MORE »

How to Save Money Eating Out

So, you like to go out to eat, huh? Me too! The problem I discovered though is that having three children can mean that our family can easily spend between $50-$100 for ONE meal when we go out to a sit-down restaurant. I mean a trip through the drive through typically costs us over $30, so yeah, eating out is not exactly budget-friendly. I have found some ways to cut back on the costs though so that it is a little less painful to our wallet. READ MORE »

Ultimate Stocking Stuffer List for the Whole Family!

Christmas is just a few weeks away. If you’re getting done with your presents, you may still have your stockings to finish. I like to have some fun, unique ideas to put in stockings. Here is a fun list for dad, mom, teenagers, kids, babies, and pets. A good place to find most of these items is your local dollar store. If you want to shop from home for these items you can always use AmazonTarget and Walmart. These stores have competitive prices and you can get them shipped right to your home! READ MORE »

Awesome & Frugal Neighbor Gift Ideas To Give Out This Christmas!


Neighbor gifts are hard – you don’t want to spend to much but you want it something practical they’ll like. But who needs more cookies? And we all know costs can add up fast! Here’s a list of 15 awesome (at least I think so) neighbor gifts you could give out this year that aren’t going to hurt your pocket book later on! READ MORE »

How to Find Inexpensive, Last Minute Holiday Gifts

So, Christmas is inching closer and closer and you still have some gifts to buy, but your wallet is feeling a little empty.  What can you do? Where can you go to find inexpensive, last minute gifts? Well, my friends, I have a couple little tricks up my sleeve and I am here to help! READ MORE »

How to get family photos done on a budget


Are you wishing that you had the budget to get family photos done?  Let’s be real here, family photos are such a staple in our lives, but boy oh boy can they be expensive!  I’ve found some ways though to save on this expense, check them out here: READ MORE »

Fun, Family Winter Activities that are Cheap

Are you wanting to spend some good, quality time with your family this wintertime?  Are you also needing to keep your budget in check? I hear you, my friends! We are a family of five on a budget, and we are always looking for fun ways to spend our time that doesn’t include spending all of our money. READ MORE »

25 Days of Christmas Activities on a Budget

This a great time of year to spend time with family and friends. There are so many fun events and traditions to do during the month of December and you really don’t need to spend a lot of money on them. We love doing something every day in the month of December to get us in the Christmas spirit. Here are 25 activities that won’t cost you lot of money and will help you get ready for Christmas. READ MORE »

Countdown to Christmas Ideas!

Can you believe Saturday is the 1st of December? December is the month of making memories with my family! From baking cookies to getting stuff together to donate we always find a reason to celebrate the season. I wanted to mix things up this year and add some new things to do to celebrate so I’ve compiled a list to share with you too! From activities, crafts, service idea and even frugal ideas you’ll find something fun for your family too! READ MORE »

The best way to watch TV without paying for cable.

Since we are just about to roll up into 2019, I figure most of us are familiar with the no-cable idea since we have been talking about it for ages. In case any of you are still wondering how to go about making the switch to no-cable though, I got you!  If you have no clue what the best ways to ways TV without paying for cable are, here are some of my favorite streaming tips for ya: READ MORE »

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