Easter Books to Include in Your Kids’ Basket This Year


Easter is just a few short weeks away. Have you started planning baskets yet? I’m the kind of mom that likes to include all kinds of stuff in my kids’ baskets. I’m not a fan of having all candy or all toys, like I said, I like to add in a little bit of everything. READ MORE »

Spring Cleaning Tools You Need to Get Your House in Shape

Do you have spring cleaning plans soon? I know I do. When you consider the fact that we have all been home for WAY TOO LONG and combine it with the nasty winter weather we have had, my house is long overdue for a deep clean.  READ MORE »

5 Spring Skiing Safety Tips you Won’t Want to Forget

Can you guys believe it’s March?  If you live in an area like me, then Spring can bring so many different weather patterns. We get nice sunny days as well as snowy cold days. March is one of my favorite times to ski. Why? Because the days are longer which means you can get more sun and the temperatures are usually more pleasant. If you’re like me and enjoy some spring skiing, be sure to check these safety tips as you hit the slopes. READ MORE »

The Best Water Bottles to Keep You Hydrated

Do you struggle to stay hydrated? Water is such an important part of our lives and our health. You need to drink as much water as you can, but sometimes that is hard to do. Not everyone loves the taste of water and let’s face it, a plastic water bottle doesn’t exactly do wonders for keeping our water refreshing. READ MORE »

Easy Ways to Save Money on Spring Skiing Gear & Tickets

It’s time for some spring skiing which is my favorite time to ski. The weather is usually more enjoyable and the days are longer. Our kids are growing so fast that we ‘ve found it easier to rent their gear. We’ve also found some ways to save money on the ski gear and tickets! Check these easy ways you can save some money too. READ MORE »

50 FREE to Nearly FREE Mom & Daughter Date Night Ideas!

Did you know that from the moment your daughter is born until she’s 18 you only have 940 Saturday’s? It’s so important to get that one on one time with your child and sometimes that’s not as easy as it sounds. You’re busy running getting errands done, the house cleaned, homework and projects taken care of but you don’t want to lose touch of that special bound and relationship you have with your children. So I’ve thrown together some date night ideas you could do with your daughter but keep in mind, a lot of these would easily work with any of your children! READ MORE »

Throw Pillow Covers to Spruce Up Your Home on a Budget

Do you have throw pillows on your sofa or on your bed? Are you getting bored with their color or design? Did you know that you can get new throw pillow covers to spruce up your home on a budget? Yep! No need to buy brand new pillows when you can just cover them up with a new look! Plus, throw pillow covers are much easier to store than pillows.  READ MORE »

Super Cute Swimsuit Covers for a Sun-Soaking Summer

Are you ready for summer? I am! I am always looking for some super cute swimsuit covers for a sun-soaking summer, because I need it. My mental health is calling for hot days by the water.  READ MORE »

Small Generators and Power Stations Than Can Help in the Event of a Power Outage

The weather has been wild lately. Are you one of the unlucky ones that have found yourself in a power outage in recent weeks? I am. We had an ice storm here which turned into 5 days without power or wifi and 3 days without cell service! It was rough, but we survived it.  READ MORE »

Cute Succulents to add to your Addiction

Do you love succulents? Succulents have become very popular in recent years and for good reason. They are cute and they are easy to take care of!  READ MORE »

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