5 Non Drink Eggnog Recipes

Are you a fan of eggnog. ? Most of us seem to be an extreme one way or the other on our thoughts about the classic holiday drink. Even if you aren’t a fan of the drink though, did you know that you can make non drink eggnog recipes? It’s true.  READ MORE »

5 Easy Christmas Decorations That Will Keep You on Budget


We are starting out the week of Thanksgiving! For many of us, that means that it is time to decorate for Christmas!!! If you are wondering how you can easily decorate for Christmas without breaking the budget, don’t worry. We have some ideas for you. READ MORE »

5 Things to Do Today to Get Ready for Thanksgiving


We are just a couple of days away from Thanksgiving. Have you started your Thanksgiving preparations yet? Regardless of if you are having guests over for the holiday or you enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner with just your immediate family, you are going to want the day to go smoothly.  READ MORE »

5 Fun Things to Do on a Quarantined Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving will definitely be different than years past. If you’re like us, you will be celebrating the day with those in your own home. Even though you won’t be surrounded by family and friends this year, there are still some fun things you can do. Here are 5 things you could do to make this Thanksgiving a good one! READ MORE »

How to Be Safe with your Personal Info When Shopping Online & Signing Up For Freebies!


With the holidays here I thought this would be a good subject to touch on. Not only is it great information to have while you’re doing a lot of your shopping online but there’s been quite a bit of freebies being offered! There are a lot of companies who offer Free Stuff in exchange for liking them on Facebook, giving them your email address or mailing information. There are a TON of freebies that I do not post about because the site looks fishy or because the company isn’t reputable enough to not sell your personal information to other companies. I really do my best to make sure I post real deals from companies that have a “personal information” disclaimer. READ MORE »

Eat Healthy with These Tips


It is so hard to eat healthy. Trust me, I get it completely.  Typical diet food is expensive and it is just so dang cheap to buy enough top Ramen to feed a crowd for the typical price of one meal. Keep in mind though, these are not healthy ways to eat. It is important that we take care of ourselves and our health now while we still have it.  READ MORE »

5 Places to Find Great Deals on Christmas Gifts


Are you ready to get your Christmas preparation done? If you are feeling anything like I am these days, you are probably ready to get everything done for Christmas so that you can just sit back and enjoy the peaceful, happy parts of the holiday. READ MORE »

20 Fun Indoor Winter Activities for the Kids

It’s  that time of year when it’s too cold to comfortably play outside. My kids tend to gravitate towards screens when they are getting “bored” and they say there is nothing to do. I’ve decided I need to make a list of things that the kids can do inside the house. There really is a lot for them to do, but they need options.  So here are 20 fun things to do inside this winter! READ MORE »

5 Soups You’ll Love This Winter!

The weather is cold outside which means it’s soup season! I honestly could have soup all year round but my family has other ideas. So while I hold off the rest of the year, winter is fair game! I’ve put together some of my favorites and ones my family enjoys too! READ MORE »

2020 Veterans Day FREEBIES & Deals!

Veteran’s Day was created to honor the men and women who served in wars. We always love participating in these offers and plan out or day around the free activities and meals offered the military men and women & their families! Here is a roundup of restaurants and stores across the country that would like to extend an additional gratitude of thanks by offering discounted and/or free items to them. READ MORE »

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