Homemade Gift Baskets Make the Best Holiday Gifts

Are you looking for the best ideas for Christmas gifts?  I used to struggle with this all the time. That said, the older I get, the less I actually like the gift giving process.  I mean, I LOVE giving gifts, but what I really love is giving meaningful gifts. I don’t want to buy stuff just for the purpose of buying stuff.  I want the gifts to show the person that I am thinking about them and that I put great love into choosing the perfect gift for them. READ MORE »

Even more tips on becoming more productive

I just can’t get off of this topic!  Are you excited about this productivity thing we have going here?  Are the tips helping you so far? If you are really ready to become more productive, I am here with you!  Let’s make these changes together! I am ready for my life to be more productive, more meaningful and more relaxed!   READ MORE »

5 More Tips for Learning How to Be More Productive


The other day I wrote a post on my top 5 tips for learning how to be more productive. I discovered while writing it that I actually have quite a few tips that I follow on a daily basis that help me to accomplish more throughout my day.  READ MORE »

Black Friday 2019: Use These 7 Tips to Help You Save the Most Money

This year Black Friday ads and deals are already popping up, are you ready? It may be a little overwhelming on where to shop and how to get the best deals when there are SO many out there. Here is a list of tips on how to save the most during your Black Friday shopping. READ MORE »

Thanksgiving Break Family Fun List!

I don’t know why but summer seems to fill up with fun activities and things to do so quickly yet when fall and thanksgiving break comes around I draw a blank. It’s like I’m burnt out all my fun ideas for the kids over the summer and am still recovering when Thanksgiving rolls around. So before it’s here and we’re trying to find some last minute ideas of what to do, I’ve put together a fun list of things we can do while the kids are out of school this Thanksgiving! READ MORE »

5 Tips for Learning How to Be More Productive


Are you struggling with productivity?  As a work at home mom (WAHM) I absolutely understand this struggle. For me, it is hard to be productive when I have so many things pulling me in different directions.   READ MORE »

One Super Easy Way to Score Free Gift Cards


If you are anything like me (you are…why else would you be here reading this website?), you love to save money.  Better yet, you love to get free stuff! I am happy to work hard to score some free stuff! READ MORE »

How to Make a Christmas Countdown Chain Using Your Halloween Candy

Now that Halloween is over, do you have a TON of candy?  What do you do with it? How do you minimize the intake of sugar for your kids? Here is a great way to solve all of your questions- Make a Christmas Countdown Chain! This chain seriously saves me from kid tantrums and tears. Instead of them asking every 10 minutes if they can have another piece of candy, they know that they get one piece a day and each day means it’s closer to Christmas! It does take some time, but the kids can help you out!  Here’s how you do it: READ MORE »

Our Favorite Quick & SUPER EASY Chili Recipe!

Happy Halloween! Sure hope everyone has a fun and safe time! I wanted to share one of our family traditions, we always head out trick or treating after we’ve had a warm bowl of soup! And it the super cold temperatures I thought it was fitting to share our favorite and SUPER EASY recipe with you. Plus when it’s a special occasion like today, I’ll snag soup bowls to put it in. Enjoy! READ MORE »

Make the Mornings Easier with These Tips

Do you struggle to get the family going in the morning?  Regardless of if you are a stay at home parent, or you work outside the home, it is so so hard to get the entire family ready, fed and out the door each and every day.  Are you ready to make it a little bit easier? READ MORE »

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