Unique Ways to Save Money on Groceries


Are you past ready to get started saving more money?!  I get it. This summer has been ROUGH for my budget. I have had so many surprise expenses pop up that I spent way more money than I had anticipated, which sucks, but really, I am just super motivated to save some moolah in other areas!  That’s why I am putting together this list of unique ways to save money on groceries. READ MORE »

More Side Hustles You Can Start for FREE


Are you past ready to get started making more money?!  I get that money is not the end all, be all, but the thing is, many of us need more money to make some changes in our lives and to get some stuff paid off!  Do you agree?   READ MORE »

Side Hustles You Can Start for FREE


With all of the savings talks that we have had lately, another great thing to remember is that a big thing that you can do to save money is to make more money!  You can work overtime, or you can  READ MORE »

5 Tips for Last-Minute Back to School Shopping

If you haven’t started school yet, it’s just around the corner. You may have already purchased some of your supplies and clothing, but you can still grab the rest right now. There are some awesome deals going on now that we should all take advantage of. Check these 5 last minute back to school shopping tips! READ MORE »

Healthy After School Snack Ideas That Are Easy!

If you’re like me, you’ve been busy getting everyone ready for back to school. Grabbing their supplies, getting hair cuts done, planning their lunches and lots of shopping. So for me after school snacks got put on the back burner but I was quickly reminded about how hungry they are when they get home and realized we needed to come up with some after school snack ideas. There’s lots of quick grab ideas that you can buy, but these are some “healthier” options you can put in front of them. READ MORE »

Additional Savings Tips for Beginners


Okay, your guys,I’m gonna get real with you.  We have blown our budget this summer. We have spent more money than we wanted to so if you are seeing a theme here, there’s a reason.  I’m all about saving money right now!! READ MORE »

More Savings Tips for Beginners


Okay, y’all.  I have been talking to you about tips for getting your kids saving, but what about you.  Do you need a little help learning how to get your saving game going? If you are whispering yes, please don’t. There is absolutely no shame in this!  Regardless of where you are in your savings goals, you are WANTING to change it up and that is awesome! READ MORE »

More Savings Tips for Kids



Did you read up on my savings tips for kids the other day?  Did you get any good tips out of that? I have three kids and I want to be sure that I help them as much as I can in order to help them live their most successful financial lives as adults.  How about you? READ MORE »

How to Save the Most Money on Broadway Tickets in New York City

Heading to New York City? Then I’m sure you have a Broadway play on your list of things to do. However, they are pricey! We just returned from New York and found the BEST ways to save on Broadway tickets. Hopefully this will help you save some money as well as enjoy a fantastic show. READ MORE »

Grab and Go Lunch Ideas For School


For most of us school will be starting soon if it hasn’t already! That means we’re getting all our i’s dotted and t’s crossed to make the process go smoothly. For us that means getting our school lunches ready and ideas listed. This year I have two that will be at school for lunch so we’re going to try something a little different. I’ll have the school lunch menu printed and we’ll circle the lunches they want to eat there. This way we know which days we need to make lunch before they head out the door. READ MORE »

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