5 Reasons You Should Have a Garden


It’s spring and if your social media fees is anything g like mine,you are likely seeing lots and lots of gardening posts. I love it! Gardening is a great way to get back to our roots! (See what I did there?) While we do have access to food in stores unlike our ancestors, they were really lucky in that gardening was a way of life so they ate delicious healthy produce all the time! READ MORE »

Space Center Houston: Tips to Know Before You Go

I’ve always had a fascination with space. The Space Center Houston has been on my bucket list for years. Just recently we were able to visit the space center and it did not disappoint. Being the money conscious person I am, I always like to know how to go places for cheap. So here are 5 tips that will save you time and money at Space Center Houston. READ MORE »

5 MORE Fun & Unique Ways to Have an Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter is this weekend can you believe it? I’m not a huge fan of the crazy public egg hunts but my kids love going around collection eggs so I’ve come up with some ways we can, at home, still have fun hunting for eggs! READ MORE »

Why You Shouldn’t Stress the Mess

Are you in a constant state of stress about how messy your home is?  Are you always worried about who might stop by and what they are going to think about the disarray in your home?  If you said yes to either of these, I have something to say to you. Stop stressing the mess! READ MORE »

Cheap Vacation Lodging Options


Are you looking desperately for a budget friendly vacation idea?  If you really want to take your family on a vacation, but you don’t have a ton of extra cash, it’s ok.  That doesn’t mean you can’t do it. READ MORE »

How to Save on Vacation Rentals


Are you wanting to take a sweet vaca, but not wanting to spend a lot on it?  I have recently been looking at vacation rentals for my family for this summer and oh my goodness, the prices I was seeing had me seriously rethinking things!   READ MORE »

8 Fun & Unique Ways to Have an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is just around the corner. I have to admit, when I was little I was never super fond of Easter Eggs hunts. It seemed like I was always the one at the end who couldn’t find those last few eggs. It was only months down the road that those eggs would show up! So that’s where they were! However, being a mom of little kids, I have to give in and do egg hunts every year. Most years it seems like we end up doing one with each side of the family so MORE egg hunts for us! I will admit it is pretty fun to see the kids eyes light up with excitement as they find those eggs. So, if they are happy, I’m happy. Here are 8 unique Easter Egg hunt ideas that just may have you (and me!) a little more excited for egg hunts this year. READ MORE »

2019 Tax Day Deals & Freebies Round-Up!

There are so many awesome Tax Day Deals coming up Monday, April 15th! I thought it would be nice to have all the deals in one place. So here is your 2019 Tax Day Deal Roundup: READ MORE »

How to Save on Kids Sports

Do your kids play sports?  Mine do and let me tell you, it can get very, very expensive.  I’m sure I have told you before, but I have 3 kids, their ages are 14, 11 and 2.  Thankfully I don’t have all three kids in sports at once, but just the two can cost a pretty penny sometimes.  Not too long ago, I spent $600 in one day signing my kids up for basketball and buying their shoes. Never again, my friends!  I love that my kids play sports, but I need it to be more affordable than that! READ MORE »

How to Save on Car Insurance

I remember how ridiculously excited I was to become a driver.  I had a special calendar where I counted down the days until I got my license and could be out on the open road all by myself.  Man..those were the days, weren’t they? READ MORE »

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