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Fingerlings Monkey Aimee + Jungle Gym Playset Only $5.73 (Reg. $20)

What a fun gift idea! Right now on Amazon, you can grab this Fingerlings Monkey Aimee + Jungle Gym Playset for Only $5.73! (Reg. $20). Aimee is a cute, coral pink Fingerlings Baby Monkey with soft blue hair, who loves to grip onto her purple jungle gym! Competitive by nature, Aimee is happiest sitting at the top of her gym. She also loves swinging from it by her tail. Like all Fingerlings Baby Monkeys, Aimee also loves to interact with you – responding to touch, sounds, and movement. She’s happy to go wherever you go and will make you laugh with her cute monkey babble and giggles, adorable blinking eyes, and head turns. READ MORE »

Funrise Toy Classic Steel Tough Grader Only $10.99! (Reg. $24.99)

What a great buy! Head over to Walmart and get this Funrise Toy Classic Tough Grader for Only $10.99! (Reg. $24.99). Keep your kid engaged for hours with this Funrise Toy Tonka Classic Steel Tough Grader. It features bright yellow paint and large black tires – just like the real thing. The blade on this toy road grader is able to move side to side to flatten what is in its path. Level dirt, sand or gravel with ease and create roadways for toy cars to travel. This Tonka road grader is built to last from quality materials. Put some fun in your yard and encourage your child to use their imagination with this Funrise toy. READ MORE »

Roblox Punk Rockers Only $10.33! (Reg. $20)

Roblox fans will love this!! Amazon has these Roblox Punk Rockers on sale for Only $10.33! (Reg. $20). Disco ball? Check. Sparkly, neon-colored outfits? Double check. Groovy dance moves? Triple check! The gang’s all here, so it’s time to get down and boogie with the grooviest Robloxians around. Mix-and-match your favorite accessories and hairstyles to create your own funky disco dancers and get the party started! READ MORE »

LEGO Duplo Battery Operated Cargo Train Set Only $99 Shipped! (Reg. $120)

This is super cute!! Head over to Amazon and get this Lego Duplo Battery Operated Cargo Train Set for Only $99 Shipped! (Reg. $120). The LEGO DUPLO Cargo Train is now even easier for your toddler to control and interact with in multiple ways. Young children will love this fun toy as they become the DUPLO locomotive driver with the Push & Go motor — a gentle push either forwards or backwards sends the train on its way and a firm hold or lift off the tracks will make it stop. Help them place the 5 colored action bricks along the track to sound the horn, turn the lights on and off, pause and refuel, change direction and stop the train wherever they like. With a harbor, boat, café, loading station, 2 cranes, 3 DUPLO figures plus an animal figure and lots of cool track pieces included in this LEGO DUPLO set, preschoolers can enjoy classic, fun train missions. Download the optional app to your own device and unlock even more play possibilities, including remote-control function and fun activities to complete with your toddler! READ MORE »

Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 – Adventure Figure 4 pack for Only $14.99! (Reg. $40)

Wow! This is a sweet deal! Head over to Walmart and get this Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Adventure Figure 4 Pack for Only $14.99! (Reg. $40). The larger Toy Story toys come in movie-inspired relative scale and include Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep and Forky. Each has iconic details and is highly posable for dynamic action. Bo’s best pal Officer Giggle McDimples comes in a special tiny size so she can ride on Bo’s shoulder like she does in the movie. A poster of the colorful new Carnival location lets you plan your adventures! This unique Toy Story figure set is offered at an excellent value price, too, and comes in specially designed packaging that makes it a perfect gift. READ MORE »

Realistic Vacuum Cleaner and House Keeping 8 Piece Play Set Only $18.89! (Reg. $30)

How cute is this!?! Right now on Amazon, you can get this 8 Piece Play Set for Only $18.89! (Reg. $30). This Click N’ Play “House keeping vacuum cleaner set” is the ultimate housekeeping set for your little ones doll. The set is compatible with most 18″ dolls and features lights and sounds of a real life vacuum cleaner. Great pretend set, will keep you kids busy for hours and helps boost your child’s imaginative skills. READ MORE »

Fingerlings Baby Sloth Interactive Baby Pet Only $5.98! (Reg. $15)

So cute!! Hurry over to Amazon and grab this WowWee Fingerlings Baby Sloth Interactive Baby Pet for Only $5.98! (Reg. $14.99). Marge the Fingerlings Baby Sloth loves to grab onto things… especially your fingers! She also loves to laugh. Your unique little pet makes special sloth sounds in response to noise, motion & touch. Marge will respond to you and let you know how she feels with her adorable blinking eyes and head turns. You’ll get different reactions if you pet her, rock her to sleep, or hold her upside down. If you blow Marge a kiss, she will kiss you right back. Slow & steady wins your heart! READ MORE »

14-Piece Kids Vanity Table and Chair Beauty Playset Only $32.99 Shipped! (Reg. $72.99)

How adorable is this? Hurry over to Walmart and grab this 14 Piece Kids Vanity Table and Chair Beauty Playset for Only $32.99! (Reg. $72.99). Complete with a built-in mirror and a stool, this vanity set lets children sit comfortably and pretend they’re getting ready to be the belle of the ball! Comes with various kid cosmetics and accessories such as play jewelry, perfume containers, hair clips, and more, so your little one can feel like a princess. READ MORE »

Calico Critters Adventure Tree House Only $39.97 Shipped! (Reg. $69.99)

So darling! Right now on Amazon, you can get this Calico Critters Adventure Tree House for Only $39.97 Shipped! (Reg. $69.99). The Adventure Treehouse is a great vacation getaway for outdoorsy Critters. There are so many fun places to play, hide, explore and relax. The Treehouse is 3 stories high. The removable cabin, slide and ladder allow you to customize the look. READ MORE »

Toy Story 4 Space Ranger Disc Launcher for Only $6.88! (Reg. $15.99)

What a cool toy! Right now at Walmart, you can get this Toy Story 4 Space Ranger Disc Launcher for Only $6.88! (Reg. $15.99). Designed to resemble Buzz’s Laser, attach the Launcher to your wrist! Load it with multiple discs! Pull the trigger to launch! Fire disc after disc! READ MORE »

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