Cheap Summer Activities

Summer can get expensive, there is no doubt about that. That being said, it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of cheap summer activities you can enjoy without breaking the bank.  READ MORE »

Travel the Boston and Nova Scotia Loop: What You Don’t Want to Miss

If you love  lighthouses, fresh seawater, ferry rides, and eating fresh lobster then this trip is for you! Traveling the Boston to Nova Scotia is totally doable and so much fun. With amazing scenery and a lot of adventure, there is something for every age in your family. Here are some ideas of what to do in each state along this route. READ MORE »

Cheap Snacks for Summer Break

I don’t know about y’all, but my summer is getting EXPENSIVE!!! My daughter just moved out on her own so I was kind of expecting to be saving money on food this summer, but as it turns out, two growing boys (one a 16-year-old wrestler) eat A LOT.  READ MORE »

How to Lower Your Stress on Family Vacation

Are you planning a family vacation soon? We are actually preparing to head out on a family vacation with my husband’s family in a few days and I’m starting to feel the stress creep in. In my stress, I decided to go back over my memories of the last time we took a family vacation together.  READ MORE »

Tips for Saving on Pet Expenses

Do you have pets? If you do, I certainly don’t have to tell you how expensive they can be! I have 2 dogs that don’t have any health issues or needs, but I still spend $75+ per month on them. If they happen to need anything else, those expenses grow quickly.  READ MORE »

Red Flags to Look for When Buying a Used Car

Now that we have talked about tips on how to save on a used car, let’s talk about red flags to look for when buying a used car. Buying a used car can be stressful to you if you are afraid that you may end up with a lemon.  READ MORE »

More Savings Tips for Buying Used Cars

I’m back again with more tips for saving money the next time you go to buy a used car! We touched on some really good topics the other day, but there are some more here that are important to take note of before you hand over your hard-earned money.  READ MORE »

How to Save Money When Buying a Used Car

Are you needing to upgrade your ride? Are you thinking about purchasing a used car? Good for you! There are so many reasons to buy used over new! That being said, there are things that you need to do in order to save money when buying a used car.  READ MORE »

Fun Family Things to Do in Rocky Point, Mexico

We recently returned from Puerto Penasco, Mexico or Rocky Point. It was our first time going there so I had some concerns but ultimately loved it there. We were able to explore the area, eat amazing food, relax just enough and create some fun memories. If you have this on your list, check out these must dos! READ MORE »

More Free and Low Cost Summer Time Activities for Kids

I’m back again with more great ideas of how you and your kids can have fun this summer without breaking the bank. The cost of everything else is going up too quickly these days so I want to help you save money where you can! READ MORE »

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