Even More Ways to Save Money on Your Utilities

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The other day we talked about a few things that you can do in order to save money on your utility bills. With the money situation many of us are in these days, we can all use some money saving tips, am I right?

We only talked about three or four tips, so I figured we can go a little bit further in discussing ways in which we can save money on our power and other utilities. There’s never too much advice when it comes to saving money! 

Even More Ways to Save Money on Your Utilities

Replace Your Appliances

Aging appliances can be a pretty heavy drain on your power consumption. If your appliances are on the older side, you may consider replacing them to save more money. Refrigerators and dryers are big ones for using a lot of power when they get older.  

Unplug Electronics

When you leave your electronics plugged in all the time, they do consume energy. Even if you aren’t using them at the time. This is often called vampire electricity and it really does affect your power bill.  

Get Rid of Those Old Lightbulbs 

If you haven’t done it yet, be sure to get rid of those old light bulbs and switch them out for new LED ones. This is a big one, yet some of us are really attached to those old bulbs. 

Close off all Drafts

Search your home for drafty air. If you find any, close it off. If it’s around the doors, put a draft stopper down. Make sure you close off any and all vents in your home, etc. 

Choose Your Time of Day

The time of day that you use specific appliances/electronics actually matters. Many power companies recommend that you wait to do your laundry and cooking in the non-peak hours of the evening. Apparently, power costs more during peak hours. This is a tip that I haven’t yet tried, but I think I’m going to!

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