How To Celebrate Birthdays While in Quarantine


The same weekend that the recent news hit our area, we were supposed to be celebrating the March 15 birthdays of 3 of our family members. That’s right. My father in law, my brother in law and my nephew were all born on March 15, so obviously, this is typically a big family celebration for us. Unfortunately we had to cancel it as my father in law is considered high risk so we didn’t want to take the chance.  READ MORE »

Finding Positivity and Hope Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic Panic

The coronavirus has ripped through our world and made its way around the globe in what feels like record time. It’s all people can talk about, think about right now. People are falling ill, some have even lost the battle with this disease. The pandemic has ground our national and global economies to a screeching halt, and many of our friends, family, and neighbors are either unemployed or laid off due to shutdowns.  READ MORE »

Free Educational Activities to Do While Stuck at Home


Are your kids still learning? Lots of kids are home right now without any schoolwork to do. If you want to keep your kids in the learning zone during all of this, why not get them set up with some educational activities? There are so many free ones out there to take advantage of! READ MORE »

5 Ways That You Can Workout for Free While Social Distancing

Who else is looking to get fit or continue your fitness regimen while stuck at home? I had just began a new workout program when this all began and I know that I cannot give it up or else I won’t pick it up again. That cannot happen this time! I am determined to come out of quarantine in great shape! Since we can’t head to the gym, I have decided to look up the ways that I can workout for free while social distancing. READ MORE »

10 Fun and Free Activities to do at Home with Kids

2020 will be a year we will all remember. With the coronavirus, we are asked to stay in our homes so we don’t spread the virus. This can be super hard when you have kids. What can you do at home ALL day long? There are so many resources out there that I almost get overwhelmed. So, I’ll start out with just 10. These 10 activities are ones we have already done and the kids have enjoyed. Score! READ MORE »

A Simple Easy Step By Step Guild To Making Your 72 Hour Kits! (With Items You Probably Have at Home)

Emergency preparedness seems to be a hot topic right now. With everything that’s been happening it’s a smart idea to have at least your 72 hour bags packed and ready to go. But what’s most important to put inside you might ask? Here’s a simple guide I’ve put together to get you started on the right foot. READ MORE »

Fun Things To Learn While You are Home


I’m going to go out on a limb and take a guess that you are stuck at home for a while. Am I right?  What are you doing with this time at home? READ MORE »

Keep Yourself Busy While Home with These Ideas


Have they shut down schools in your area? Or, are you stuck home for another reason? Many of us are often on the go and to all of the sudden have our life situation change and be stuck at home can be panic inducing. We can also start to go a little stir crazy not being able to leave the house.  READ MORE »

5 Things I’m Buying/Doing to Survive the Coronavirus

This Coronavirus is getting real here in the United States. I know it’s on all of our minds right now. I’ve been reading the updates from different states and it looks like a lot of our normal every day routines will be changing. Schools are going to be cancelled which makes me re-think what I need to do or get. I thought I would share with you a few things that are not your typical toilet paper and water that I’m buying. READ MORE »

Frugal & Yummy Rice and Bean Meals!

When you think long term storage many times that includes flour, sugar, rice and beans. Those are all things that are great to have in your long term storage. Not only do they store really well long term but they’re cheap and add protein and fiber to your meals. So here are some great meal options you can cook up to use your rice and beans! READ MORE »

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