Fun Family Things to Do in Rocky Point, Mexico

We recently returned from Puerto Penasco, Mexico or Rocky Point. It was our first time going there so I had some concerns but ultimately loved it there. We were able to explore the area, eat amazing food, relax just enough and create some fun memories. If you have this on your list, check out these must dos! READ MORE »

More Free and Low Cost Summer Time Activities for Kids

I’m back again with more great ideas of how you and your kids can have fun this summer without breaking the bank. The cost of everything else is going up too quickly these days so I want to help you save money where you can! READ MORE »

Low-Cost Summer Activities for Kids

Are you looking for some great activities to do with your kids this summer that won’t cost an arm and a leg? I don’t know about all of you, but I am on a budget this summer and I simply cannot afford to do high-cost activities with the kids right now. That’s why I am looking for all of the low-cost summer activities for kids that I can find.  READ MORE »

More Tips for Saving On Kids’ Sports

I know we only dove in a little bit when it came to saving money on kids’ sports, so I thought I would hit you with a few more tips this evening! Are you ready to learn even more tips for saving on kids sports?  READ MORE »

These Tips Will Help You Save Money on Kids Sports

Do you have kids in sports? While it might be summer break right now, fall will come soon. You know what that means…so many expenses. If sports are among those expenses for you, read on to see how you can save money on kids sports. READ MORE »

Host a Successful Yard Sale with These Tips

Are you planning on holding a yard sale this summer? Yard sales can either make you a lot of money or barely get noticed. If you want your yard sale to be as successful as possible, check out these tips on hosting your own yard sale this summer! READ MORE »

More Awesome Thrift Store Flipping Tips

We are back again today to talk about our favorite tips for your thrift flipping ventures! I know we talked about some great tips yesterday, but there are some other things that I do each time that I am looking for thrift store flipping goods.  READ MORE »

My Favorite Thrift Store Flipping Tips

With the economy being where it is are you looking for ways to earn extra money? Thrift store flipping is a great way to make extra cash, especially if you enjoy shopping. I have been picking up on my thrift store flipping lately and I am loving it and have made a couple hundred extra dollars since I started up again.  READ MORE »

Tips for Keeping Your Cooling Costs Down as the Summer Heats Up


It’s getting hot out there already, folks! Have you kicked on the A/C yet? I don’t know about you, but my budget is strained lately due to the rising costs of everything I am trying really hard to keep my utility costs down, so I’m looking for any and every way possible to save on my cooling costs.  READ MORE »

More Great Camping Tips

Okay, it’s almost Memorial Day weekend. Who has a camping trip planned? What about the rest of the summer? I love, love, love camping and would literally camp every single summer weekend if I could.  I don’t consider myself a pro though and I’m always looking for new tips that will help my camping trips go more smoothly.  READ MORE »

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