How to Save Money on Your Utility Bills

Are you struggling with your finances lately? I know I can’t be the only one that is struggling withthe price of everything lately. I am doing all that I can to save money, but sheesh! Between the increases in grocery prices and the shock of looking at my utilities, I didn’t even know where to begin with trying to save even more.  READ MORE »

25% Off at Groupon!!

Who else wants to get out of the house and do something great this weekend? I know I do! READ MORE »

EPIC Road Trip Ideas to Get You On the Road This Summer

Are you hoping to hit the road to someplace fun this summer? I am! I have a hard time deciding between all of the amazing options out there though so I decided to put together this list of epic road trip ideas to get you on the road this summer! READ MORE »

How to Avoid Wasting Time

Do you find yourself wasting time while you are trying to accomplish things in your day-to-day life? I get it, it happens. Sometimes it seems like you are right in the middle of being super productive and then all of the sudden it is three hours later. READ MORE »

How to Switch to Long Lasting Everyday Use Products

Welcome to the world of long lasting items for the home! Investing in quality, long lasting items for your home is actually going to spare you some money and also time, but you’ll see that in the long run. By getting rid of the need to replace items frequently, you can avoid the hassle and expense of having to continuously buy new items. Furthermore, long lasting items are often better for the environment. If you use them longer, you decrease demand, thus production and fewer resources are exploited. As a result, you pollute less. Additionally, these things can add value to the home and can even become family heirlooms that you can pass down to future generations. READ MORE »

Set Effective Goals with These Tips

Have you started the process of setting goals for yourself? If not, you should! Goal setting is an effective strategy in progressing and moving forward in pretty much every way. If you are struggling to find out the best way to set these goals and where to go from here. READ MORE »

Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Car Clean

Do you feel like your car is always a mess? I do! Between the kids snacks, toys and must haves and our busy schedules, it seems like it takes only a matter of days for my car to become a dumping ground of stuff! READ MORE »

Three Tips to Style Your New Glasses

Sunglasses are the perfect summer accessories – but apart from wearing the right pair of sunglasses, you will also want to know how you wear them and the types of sunglasses you choose that not only complement your outfit but also improve your overall appearance. READ MORE »

How to Save $100 This Month

Are you trying to start your savings journey? It’s easy to think that you have to have thousands and thousands of dollars in savings, but it’s good to start smaller. Don’t get me wrong, there are many, many reasons to want to have thousands of dollars saved up, but if you have nothing in savings right now, that can be very overwhelming. READ MORE »

Motivation Tips for Saving Money

Are you struggling to save money lately? Times are getting tough out there and saving money is very important, because, let’s face it. We don’t know what is coming, so it’s good to have a financial cushion of some kind. Are you wondering how to go about and do it? READ MORE »

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