Great Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


We still have a few weeks until Valentine’s Day, but if you are anything like me, you might just forget to go shopping for Valentine’s Day. Honestly, I’ve been super busy lately, so getting out to do any shopping has been difficult. If you are fully planning on needing last minute gifts, let’s just plan early for these last minute gifts.  READ MORE »

Fun, Frugal Date Night Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming up! To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. I hate to be “that person” but I really find that Valentine’s day is a little too commercialized for me. The one thing that it does for me is reminds me that I need to put more focus on date night. My husband and I are busy, busy, busy and we find ourselves putting our own time behind work and kids.  READ MORE »

10 Ways To Simplify Your Life!

We’re coming out of the busy time of year, at least for me. The holidays have us running from store to store, visiting family and friends, making extra trips to the grocery store all while making lots of memories. So I’m planning on taking this month to slow down and simply life. I’ve picked a few things so I don’t get overwhelmed but you can pick anything from this list to get started. READ MORE »

Fun, Frugal At Home Activities for the Family

We have all been spending more time than usual at home. Okay, well for the last 2 years it has been the usual, but let’s be honest. Most of us are still trying to figure out how to best spend our time at home. We, as a society, are on the go all the time and we are still trying to get used to staying home. READ MORE »

Pantry Staples that Last the Longest

Want to make your money last as long as possible? Buy food that lasts as long as possible. Seriously. It is so easy to buy food that just ends up costing you even more money because it has gone bad in your pantry and you just have to throw it away. READ MORE »

Sonic Toothbrush just $14.99!

If you have been wanting to give sonic toothbrushes a try, check out this Sonic Toothbrush that you can score for just $14.99! READ MORE »

Healthy Vegetables That Are Also Cheap


A couple of days ago we chatted about cheap fruits that will allow you to eat healthy on a budget. Today we are going to talk about some cheap vegetables that you can add to this list. Vegetables are an important part of anyone’s diet. They are healthy, packed full of vitamins, nutrients and fiber to keep you fuller longer! READ MORE »

Healthy Fruits That Are Also Cheap


Cheap food is often not good for you. We know that processed foods can often be bought for pennies on the dollar and we all know that things like this (top ramen, frozen pizza, etc) aren’t good for you. One thing that most of us should be eating more of is fresh produce. Fruits and vegetables are healthy and packed full of healthy vitamins that are good for us!  READ MORE »

Tips for Saving up $1000

Are you a follower of Dave Ramsey? Have you been following him or his daughter (Rachel Cruz) on social media?  Most people that are familiar with either of them are also familiar  with the “Baby Steps.” Baby step 1 (or BS1) is to build an emergency fund of $1000 to cover any unnecessary expenses that may come up.  This is a starting point for your new found debt free life.  READ MORE »

How to Get Started Journaling


Is journaling on your to-do list for 2022? If you are new to journaling, they may seem a bit intimidating to you. I don’t blame you. When I was young, journaling simply meant to write down thoughts and experiences throughout your day. If you Google journaling today, the stuff you see will look a whole lot different.  READ MORE »

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