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3 Tips for Saving Money on Vitamins and Supplements


Supplements are a great way to add nutrients to your diet that you may otherwise be missing and as we have learned in recent years, they are a great way to boost your immune system. If you are like millions of other people, you likely take supplements as a boost to your diet and health regimen.  READ MORE »

 Drink More Water with These Tips


Are you struggling to drink enough water? A good amount of water is vital to our health but many of us slack off when it comes to drinking it. Whether you are planning to get some improvement to your health now or you are planning to make a New Year’s resolution, drinking more water should be a part of that change.  READ MORE »

Top Tips for Drinking Enough Water Each Day


Summer is in full swing and it is hot out there! Are you drinking enough water? Some people seem to do great about drinking water all day every day and then sometimes, some of us simply forget. Drinking enough water is vital for our health though, so it is important to know how to stay hydrated.  READ MORE »

5 Tips for Getting Healthy This Year



We talked a little last night about how to get ourselves to drink more water. Well, I figured that the goal needed to be expanded a little to include general health. What can we do to increase our health overall? I’m no doctor and I don’t claim to know all there is to know, but I do know that there are some easy things that we can do in order to make ourselves healthier.  READ MORE »

5 Tips for Drinking More Water


Whether you set New Year’s Resolutions or not, I’m sure you could handle setting some new health goals for yourself. All of us can. For an easy one, how about we focus on making sure we are drinking enough water? READ MORE »

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