Secret Santa 2011

Our Secret Santa 2011 Video!

Our Secret Santa 2011 Video is finally put together!! YAY! And because of all of you, we donated a ridiculous amount of toys to help out all of the kids at Primary Children’s Cancer Center. And, in the video, you will see another SECRET SURPRISE donation we were able to do as well! READ MORE »

I’m Off to Deliver Our Secret Santa Presents!!

The day is finally here. We have been collecting presents it seems like forever- but today is the day! READ MORE »

Extended Deadline for Our Secret Santa Project!

Hey everyone! I’ve decided that we probably need an extra week to collect all of our Secret Santa Donations for our project this year. So, our new deadline is December 11th! All items must be delivered by that date… so if you are shipping something, please ship it earlier than that so we can get it in time. READ MORE »

Low Donations for Our Kid’s With Cancer Christmas Project! We Still Need Your Help!

Hey everyone, I wanted to quickly remind you that we still need a lot of donations for our Secret Santa Project this year. As you probably know, we are donating items needed to the Children’s Cancer Center at Primary Children’s Hospital. I know that money is tight, but if you can find a way to donate even a small item, it will really make a difference and help these kids enjoy Christmas as they undergo Chemo. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for those kids and their families who probably can’t afford Christmas because of their Medical bills. READ MORE »

Our 2011 Secret Santa Project!!

As most of you know, we have started a tradition here at Freebies2Deals to always give back during the Holidays. We get such great deals throughout the year, and save our families a ton of money. But, there are so many families out there that are seriously struggling. Last year, the Freebies2Deals Readers all banned together and donated Christmas to 25 Families! And, I was touched and amazed at how much we truly were able to do together and how big of a difference we really made! It was awesome to watch!! READ MORE »

I Need Your Help!

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about what Freebies2Deals should do for our service project this year for Christmas. Last year, we did an amazing Secret Santa for 25 Families all over the country! And, so many of you were the reason we even pulled that off. So thank you again! 🙂 READ MORE »

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