Question of the Day

Question of the Day-

Ok, so I am realizing I am not good about keeping up with the Questions of the Day post.  But, I guess I can only promise that I will post them when I remember! 🙂 READ MORE »

Question of the Day

So, I haven’t been doing a great job remembering to post your Question of the Day!  Sorry guys!  I am definitely going to have to work on that. READ MORE »

Question of the Day- Catalinas

I have had many of you ask me about Catalinas.  So, let me explain it for you! READ MORE »

Question of the Day: February 19th

Update: Reader Vanessa shops at Family Fresh.  There is one clarification.  Any coupon over $1.00 will not be doubled at all.  So keep that in mind.  Thanks! READ MORE »

Question of the Day- February 17th

Today’s question came from Rachel:

“I believe you posted that you love Ulta. I got my mail insert from them yesterday and it has a 20% off coupon for one item. It also listed a free Ulta 15-piece set with any $17.50 purchase of Ulta products. I would love to learn if they taken coupons and how you find good deals there. Thank you!” READ MORE »

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