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Question of the Day-

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Ok, so I am realizing I am not good about keeping up with the Questions of the Day post.  But, I guess I can only promise that I will post them when I remember! 🙂

How do you suggest that I keep track of the dates that the coupons come out on? Like say if the coupons came out in December and I have a binder method not the file method. Thanks, by the way, for all the work you do for us-I love your blog!!

Kasi Rasley

That is a really good question!  There are two resources that do a great job.  Hotcouponworld’s Coupon Database will tell you which coupons are available and where they came from.  The only problem is that because it is a national website, sometimes the coupon amounts won’t be the same as yours, or you will find that you didn’t get a particular coupon as someone else in the country.

If you live in Utah, SavvyShopperDeals has a coupon database too.  But her coupons are just for what Utahns get.  So, if you happen to use a Filing Method for your coupons, instead of the Binder Method, that list can help you find what you are looking for.

Hope that helps!


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