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Question of the Day: February 19th

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Update: Reader Vanessa shops at Family Fresh.  There is one clarification.  Any coupon over $1.00 will not be doubled at all.  So keep that in mind.  Thanks!

Hi Melea,

I just recently found you blog and LOVE it. Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into it. I just started couponing and am trying to get the hang of it. When I come across killer deals it makes me so excited! We live in the Odgen area and they opened a Family Fresh Market nearby. I noticed in their ad that they double coupons everyday. I’m not exactly sure what this means….except that it sounds pretty good! Can you explain it a little more please? ARe there other stores that do this?

Thanks again,


Yes, hearing that Family Fresh doubles coupons actually makes me want to move there!  As far as I know, Family Fresh is the ONLY store that doubles coupons every single day in Utah.  For my readers who live outside of Utah, you will find that you have more stores that double on a regular basis.

Each store will do it a little differently.  But this is how it works!

Let’s say that Ranch Dressing is on sale for $2.00.  And you have a $1.00 off coupon.  Family Fresh will match the amount of the coupon up to $1.00.  So, instead of just getting $1.00 off, you will actually get $2.00 off.  That will make the Ranch FREE!

Here is another example:  Let’s say that Ranch Dressing is on sale for $3.00.  And you have a $1.25 off coupon.  Since Family Fresh will only match the amount of the coupon up to $1.00, they will not give you any additional coupon off!  So, you will only get $1.25 off.
It is a serious way of saving money and I really wish more stores would do it!  Alberstons did it occasionally with in-ad coupons.  But they will not be around much longer in Utah.

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  1. Is family fresh market the same as fresh market? Is it the old albertsons? Thank you for all you do!!Jen

  2. I'd like to know which stores in Salt Lake County double coupons please. Thank you for your incredible website. I love it!

  3. I shop at Family Fresh every week, and it is worth the drive (about 20 minutes for me). Just one thing on your post, they will not add anything to a coupon over $1.00. If the coupon is $1.25, you get $1.25 off.

  4. THanks for the info to my question! It helped alot. Think it may just be my new favorite place to shop!


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