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Question of the Day- Catalinas

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I have had many of you ask me about Catalinas.  So, let me explain it for you!

Catalinas are a piece of paper that prints after you checkout.  It is one of the papers you receive with your receipt.  Not all stores have Catalinas.

Smiths is one of the stores that has Catalina Machines.  Finding out which Catalinas are available isn’t easy at all.  Which is why I will find them out for you guys.  Anytime there is a Catalina available at Smiths, I will let you know!

Many times the Catalina will be a dollar amount off of your next purchase.  Or sometimes, it will be a dollar amount off when you purchase a certain item. 

In any case, Catalinas are a great way to save some extra money!

**Some Target locations print out Catalinas too.  But so far, I haven’t noticed a method to the madness.  Random Catalinas seem to print out.  I bought Smart Ones Entrees and received a Pampers Catalina.  They had nothing to do with each other.  So, if you get one at checkout.  Just be happy!

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