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Road Trip Tips To Help Keep Your Sanity!

Summer is here! Although we’ve had to change many of our original family travel plans we’re still packing up the kids and headed out on some adventures. We’ll be stopping at some hiking trails, camping and going to the lake. For many of those destinations we have to travel anywhere from an hour on up to 6 hours so we’re gearing up and making sure we’re ready with this tips and tricks we’ve learned through the years. READ MORE »

7 Fun Summer Activities While Social Distancing

Most states are still in the social distancing stage. So what we we going to do this summer? Even though we can’t be in crowds, there is plenty to keep us busy. Here are 7 fun summer activities you can do and stay away from crowds. READ MORE »

4 Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes You’ve Got to Try

Breakfast is always the hardest for me. I love the waffles, pancakes, donuts and juices. One easy way to eat healthier at breakfast is to have a healthy breakfast smoothie. It’s easy and can be an on the go breakfast option as well. Here are 4  recipes that are the perfect breakfast choice. READ MORE »

Tips to Make the End of the School Year Special

This year has definitely not been a normal year. School kids are missing out on many fun activities and celebrations because of the pandemic and social distancing. With school cancelled for the last few months until the end of the year, most kids won’t be seeing their friends or teachers for the rest of the year. However, even with these differences, you can still make the end of this year special. Our kids deserve praise and recognition for the hard work they have been doing! READ MORE »

5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Mom & Grandma

Mother’s Day is coming fast, can you believe it? We’ve been a little preoccupied with this crazy pandemic. However, you still have time to do one or more of these awesome DIY Mother’s Day gifts for mom or Grandma…or both! Because mother’s deserve some praise. READ MORE »

The Best Activities to Celebrate May 4th – Star Wars Day!

We’re coming up on May 4th – Star Wars day next week so I wanted to equip you with the best activities to help you celebrate! There’s lots of fun ideas out there that only require a little work if any at all and hopefully you have everything you need right at home! READ MORE »

5 Fun Family Games You’ve Got to Try

Now that we are going on more than a couple weeks at home, you may be tired of your same old games. We have a good few games that we play non-stop, but we are antsy to get a few new ones for the coming weeks at home. Here are the game that we love playing over and over, hopefully they will become a new family favorite in your home! READ MORE »

Part 2: Are You Prepared to Evacuate Your Home?

We’re continuing on! If you’re just finding this article, make sure you read through part 1 first so it all makes since. Our goal is to grab the most important things first and make our way down the list with however much time we’re allotted. I recommend printing these lists out so if you don’t have your boxes together before you need to leave, you’ll have an idea of things you need to grab! Ok, here we go! READ MORE »

Disney Shares Their Famous Churro & Dole Whip Recipes: Check Out These Super Easy Recipes

Is anyone else day dreaming about being at Disneyland and enjoying all of the yummy food? I sure am! Thanks to Disney, we can now make their famous Churros Bites and Dole Whip at our own home. Each one requires little ingredients which is super nice. So have a Disney style party tonight by making these yummy treats. READ MORE »

5 Easy Easter Desserts to Make at Home

It’s Easter on Sunday! With the world in a full out pandemic, you may have  Easter activities, including meals in the back of your mind. Well, we are here to help. Bring a little sunshine and ah-hem sugar to your evening with these yummy, yet super easy desserts. These desserts have simple ingredients that hopefully you already have in your home. Check them out!Make these yummy Springtime Crinkle Cookies  from Two Sisters Crafting. They have easy ingredients and look so festive for spring. READ MORE »

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