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Tips to Help you Save the Most on Ski & Snowboard Equipment-Now is the Time to Buy!

If you love to ski and snowboard, then now is the time to grab those skis and snowboards at discounted prices. So how do you do that? To save the most money you’ll have to do a little research. Choose 3-4 locations that are close to you and have a good variety of ski equipment. You’ll want to ask each place the following questions: READ MORE »

DIY Christmas Ideas – Homemade Soaps

Yesterday we talked about making handmade Bath Bombs and how a handmade Christmas can be just a little more meaningful.  Are you interested?  What types of DIY products would you like to make.  I am all about a handmade holiday this year, so I thought I would do a rundown of some fun holiday gift ideas over the next couple of months. READ MORE »

DIY Christmas Ideas – Bath Bombs

Are you looking to make your Christmas a little more meaningful this year?  How about giving handmade gifts?  I know that I love receiving handmade gifts from my friends and family.  I appreciate knowing that they took the time out of their day to make something.  I also love bath and body products that are handmade (bath bombs, body scrub, etc.), they are always gorgeous and I feel good about using handmade products over mass produced ones. READ MORE »

5 Favorite Fall Foods You’ve Got to Try

I love Fall. Not only for the crisp air and the beautiful color changing leaves, I love fall for the food. It’s true. It’s that time of year that apple and pumpkin everything make life that much sweeter. There are a few recipes that I make every fall and I had to share them with you. Enjoy! READ MORE »

5 Things You Must Do in San Francisco (With Savings Tips Too!)

I recently returned from a fun adventure in San Francisco, California and I had to share my must-do list. This time I was NOT traveling with kids. However, most of these activities I would take make kids and do them the next time we are there. San Francisco has so much to offer and I loved every second I was there. READ MORE »

Hope Squad – School Suicide Prevention – How You Can Get Involved and Help!

Hope Squad is something I’ve recently been introduced to and feel needs to be shared with you! So what is Hope Squad and how can you benefit from it and get involved? This is everything I want to talk about so you can help change the community perception of mental health by creating awareness about suicide and the tools available to prevent suicide. READ MORE »

Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe (Panera Bread Copycat)

When it’s cold outside all I want to do is eat soup! Seriously, I’m always looking for new soups to eat.  It’s always a fine line to find a soup that not only I love, but my husband and kids love as well. When I made this Panera Bread copycat of their Broccoli Cheese Soup, we all loved it! My kids didn’t even complain of the “green stuff!”  It’s definitely a keeper and one we will do over and over again during the winter months. READ MORE »

5 Ways to Save Money Each Day!

Christmas is coming up and if you haven’t started saving you might be starting to stress about funds. I’m here to say, it’s not to late! Here are some different ways you can save money EACH DAY! Just take the money you would have spent that day and put it psychically into a jar or a different savings account at your financially institution. READ MORE »

5 Tips to Give you a Little More Energy in Your Day

Who wants a little more energy in their day? I think we all are saying, Yes! I have 4 young kids and am truly exhausted every day. I know women that work full time and have teenage kids, or older women who are now retired that have that same low energy in common. It’s a tricky thing. I know there are some who may not agree with these tips, but in the past year, they have truly worked for me. Plus, they give added benefits! Check out these 5 tips that just may help you get t hat energy you are craving. READ MORE »

30 Self-Care Ideas For The Fall/Winter Season!

Days are getting colder and shorter. There’s no better time to put together ideas of some self care and ways to lift your mood. This time of year can be hard for so many, including myself. With the lack of sun and the winter blues you need to give yourself a little TLC. So here’s a list to get you started! READ MORE »

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