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5 Tips for Last-Minute Back to School Shopping

If you haven’t started school yet, it’s just around the corner. You may have already purchased some of your supplies and clothing, but you can still grab the rest right now. There are some awesome deals going on now that we should all take advantage of. Check these 5 last minute back to school shopping tips! READ MORE »

How to Save the Most Money on Broadway Tickets in New York City

Heading to New York City? Then I’m sure you have a Broadway play on your list of things to do. However, they are pricey! We just returned from New York and found the BEST ways to save on Broadway tickets. Hopefully this will help you save some money as well as enjoy a fantastic show. READ MORE »

Grab and Go Lunch Ideas For School


For most of us school will be starting soon if it hasn’t already! That means we’re getting all our i’s dotted and t’s crossed to make the process go smoothly. For us that means getting our school lunches ready and ideas listed. This year I have two that will be at school for lunch so we’re going to try something a little different. I’ll have the school lunch menu printed and we’ll circle the lunches they want to eat there. This way we know which days we need to make lunch before they head out the door. READ MORE »

Cool Off With This Super Easy Homemade Orange Julius Recipe

Summer is in full swing, and boy is is hot! One nice way to spend the hot days is to sip a nice cool, refreshing drink. This homemade Orange Julius recipe is the perfect option! What makes this recipe so great is you probably have every single ingredient already in your home. Plus, it’s a recipe so easy that even the kids can help make it. READ MORE »

Our Favorite Way To Make Calm Down Jars!

We’ve been busy enjoying our summer, but with the busy schedule sometimes emotions get out of control. For years I’ve heard of calm down jars but we finally decided to try them out for ourselves. Guys, these are so fun! Even I enjoy “playing” with them and watching the glitter float to the bottom. Here’s how we made ours. READ MORE »

How to Make Easy Kool-Aid Sherbet

If you want an easy, yummy treat that the whole family will enjoy, here you go! This Kool-Aid Serbet takes only 3 ingredients and is super easy to make that even the little kids can help. It’s the perfect quick fix treat that will keep you cool this summer. READ MORE »

Things to Do in Park City, Utah During the Summer

We just got back from a trip to Park City and boy was it fun. Park City has a little of everything which makes it the perfect summer vacation destination. I’ve found over the years there are some great spots to visit that are either free or affordable which makes this easy on the budget. READ MORE »

Amazon Prime Day 2019: Tips & Tricks You’ll Want to Know to Score the Best Deals

Are you ready for Black Friday in July?? I’ve heard that Prime Day could be better than Black Friday in November. So hold onto your hats, because this will be good. To help you get the best deals this Prime Day you’ll want to check out these tips below. READ MORE »

Pay It Forward This Summer!

We’re constantly out and about enjoying our summer and tend to come in contact with a lot of people. So teaching my children about paying it forward has come up in a few conversations we’ve had. It’s a good reminder that it’s the simple things we do for each other that can make this crazy life a little less stressful. So here are some simple pay it forward ideas you can use to bless others. READ MORE »

Need Help with Your Chore Chart? Here are 15 Summer Jobs for Kids

It’s summer time and I feel like I’m slacking in my chore chart. The kids are are starting to run wild, which means I need to get a little more organized and have them work! I need to update the chore chart now that there are some summer chores that can be done. Here are 20 that will help your kids get to work, and they just might enjoy them. READ MORE »

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