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Space Center Houston: Tips to Know Before You Go

I’ve always had a fascination with space. The Space Center Houston has been on my bucket list for years. Just recently we were able to visit the space center and it did not disappoint. Being the money conscious person I am, I always like to know how to go places for cheap. So here are 5 tips that will save you time and money at Space Center Houston. READ MORE »

5 MORE Fun & Unique Ways to Have an Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter is this weekend can you believe it? I’m not a huge fan of the crazy public egg hunts but my kids love going around collection eggs so I’ve come up with some ways we can, at home, still have fun hunting for eggs! READ MORE »

8 Fun & Unique Ways to Have an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is just around the corner. I have to admit, when I was little I was never super fond of Easter Eggs hunts. It seemed like I was always the one at the end who couldn’t find those last few eggs. It was only months down the road that those eggs would show up! So that’s where they were! However, being a mom of little kids, I have to give in and do egg hunts every year. Most years it seems like we end up doing one with each side of the family so MORE egg hunts for us! I will admit it is pretty fun to see the kids eyes light up with excitement as they find those eggs. So, if they are happy, I’m happy. Here are 8 unique Easter Egg hunt ideas that just may have you (and me!) a little more excited for egg hunts this year. READ MORE »

5 Creative Spring Snacks Your Kids Will Love

It’s spring time which means the birds are chirping, the rain is falling and the sun is shining just a little more than before. I love the symbols of spring. I was noticing all of the cute snacks that people make associated with spring. My kids tend to eat better when the snack looks “cute.” Here are 5 spring snacks that my kids loved and I hope yours will too. READ MORE »

Crapes 3 Different Ways Everyone is Going to LOVE!

These crapes are a family tradition! Twice a year we get together with extending family for breakfast and make a crape buffet. We came across these 3 different ways of making them and it’s stuck for the past few years cause they’re just that good. Pick one or make them all, you just can’t go wrong! READ MORE »

Yummy Neiman Marcus Chicken Salad Recipe

I really don’t like thinking about what to make me for lunch everyday. It’s exhausting! So when I saw this recipe I know this would be one I could make over and over again. If you are on a low carb diet, then just put this on a bed of lettuce and go to town. This one is easy to make and super yummy. READ MORE »

Fun & Easy April Fools Day Pranks!

Who’s excited for April 1st? In our house that means lots of laughs as we pull pranks because it’s APRIL FOOLS DAY! You have your food pranks to pull and even some simple tricks but I thought I’d put together some of my favorites for you! READ MORE »

Fun Rainy Day Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy

It’s officially spring which means the weather guessing game begins. Is it going to be sunny and warm or rainy and even snow? Where I live we can get that mixture in the same week. The kids get a little antsy when those rainy days come and seem to never go away. I’ve put together a list to help you and your kids enjoy this crazy season of spring. READ MORE »

Don’t Forget These 5 Most Forgotten Spring Cleaning Places!

It’s officially spring!! Who’s ready to get the spring cleaning started? The beautiful weather has me itching to get some cleaning and organizing done! I’ve put together my have to do list and added these top forgotten places to it! READ MORE »

Fun Food Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is on Sunday and my kids are so excited. Besides wearing green, we don’t do much else to celebrate this day. This year I thought it would be fun to have some St. Patrick’s Day foods throughout the day. That basically means food that is green…right? Here are a few fun ideas that you can do to make your day a little more festive…and green. READ MORE »

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