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10 Screen – Free Summer Activities Your Kids Will Love

How are you doing with kids home all. day. long? I love having my kids home, but I also love having a game plan, otherwise they would be content watching shows and playing video games all day. There is SO much more to do and learn this summer. I’m pretty strict with screens, so I’ve had to be creative finding activities that kids would love. If you need a little help getting your kids up and moving, here are a few ideas that will keep them off the screens. READ MORE »

Jamba Juice Peach Pleasure Smoothie Copycat Recipe!

With National Smoothie Day being tomorrow I thought it was only fitting to give you my favorite copycat recipe, Jamba Juice’s Peach Pleasure Smoothie! This smoothie is so yummy and hits just the right spot on those hot summer days! READ MORE »

How to Stay Organized When Traveling with Kids

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I love traveling with my spouse, friends and family. However, when traveling with kids, more patience, food, and organization is required. I’ve noticed when I am organized, then I feel more at peace and can have fun. There are a few tips I’ve learned while traveling with 4 young kids. Hopefully these will help you out as well. READ MORE »

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Love

Father’s Day is coming soon, are you ready? Maybe it’s just me, but Father’s Day is hard! I never know what to get my dad or father-in-law. This year I’ve done a little research and found some great ideas that they both will surely enjoy. Hopefully one of these ideas will be perfect for your dad as well! READ MORE »

The First Cuts to Make to Your Budget!

Are you trying to tighten up your budget and save? It seems with a swipe of a card all your money just disappears but when you start tracking where your money is going you get better insight. So what do you start cutting back on to save money? Here are the first things you should cut out of your budget and stop spending money on. READ MORE »

How to Plan Your Family Summer Fun on a Budget

Are you ready for summer? I’m starting to get my summer organized and on budget. If you are on a tight budget then you probably know about how much money you have to work with each month this summer. Really, there are SO  many things you could do and not pay one penny. So here are some tips on how to start planning your summer that will save you money too. READ MORE »

How Your Bad Habits Are Hurting Your Bank Account!

We all have bad habits and things we’re working on changing. But there are some habits you’re going to want to work hard to change because they could be hurting your bank account. READ MORE »

Inexpensive End-of-Year Teacher Gift Ideas

It’s almost summer break, can you believe it? This school year has seriously flown by. However, I’m excited for those lazy summer mornings again. If you have a few more days or weeks left of school, you’re probably getting those last minute teacher gifts. I’ve found over the years that I never do the same gift twice. I usually switch it up every year depending on my teachers personalities and likes. It doesn’t take a lot of money to show your appreciation for your teachers. Here are a few ideas that will help you out. READ MORE »

Simple & Easy Camping Meal Ideas!

We’re looking forward to camping this summer! It’s one of the best ways for us to unwind and get away from everything as a family. But being mom I still need to cook and make sure everyone has full tummies, so I’ve put together some easy meals you can plan for when camping! READ MORE »

Watch Out Amazon! Walmart to Offer Free Next Day Delivery

Have you heard the news? Walmart will be offering FREE next day delivery to 75% of American consumers by the end of the year. They are starting out in Phoenix and Las Vegas and then moving into Southern California in the next few days. Next day delivery will be available with NO membership fees (unlike Amazon) and on 220,000 commonly purchased items. So what’s the catch? READ MORE »

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