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5 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom is Sure to Love


Mother’s Day is approaching quickly. If you haven’t found the perfect gift idea, that’s okay. When I’m thinking of Mother’s Day gifts, I like to think what my mom does throughout the day and what I could get her to make life more fun and/or easier. My mom loves going on walks and looking at flowers. So most years we take the time to head to a local flower nursery, buy some plants or bushes and then we help her plant them.
Taking TIME to be with your mom is key. You could just buy here something, but the gift would be more meaningful if you actually did the next step too. So here are some thoughts to take that normal gift idea and make it more meaningful. READ MORE »

Utah Readers: How to Score an Awesome Deal on Bike Helmets for the Whole Family!

The weather is warming up which means the kids are outside a lot more. My kids love riding their bikes and I realized this year that their heads have outgrown their helmets. Kids get tempted to ride bikes without helmets if they don’t fit or they are uncomfortable. As parents, buying a new helmet might not be a priority or in the budget. However, wearing a helmet is SO important. It literally can save your life. READ MORE »

What a Quarter of a Grass Fed Cow Looks Like!

Just a few months ago we decided to purchase a quarter of a cow from a local farmer. While I knew the upfront cost would be expensive, we decided it would work great for us to make the purchase. We are a family of 5, 2 adults, 2 preteens and one 6 year old. Let me tell you, our preteens are definitely growing and it shows in how much they eat. So we went with the quarter of a cow in hopes that would be enough beef to last us through the year. READ MORE »

Super Easy & Yummy Easter Dessert Recipe: Delicious Mini Fruit Tarts

Easter is this Sunday which means a lot of families will be getting together to celebrate. When we celebrate holidays I know a lot of attention goes on the food. What will you eat? What will you serve? Since the kids will be getting a lot of candy dong Easter egg hunts, I thought having a small yet yummy dessert would be perfect. These mini fruit tarts are always a winner, plus you get some fruit in you too! Win-win! READ MORE »

50+ Non Candy Easter Egg Filler Ideas!

It’s almost Easter. Are you ready? This year I’ve decided to go with a lot less sugar in the Easter baskets and eggs. I wanted to get creative and find some fun things to fill my kids and neighbors Easter Eggs with that wasn’t candy. So here’s a long list of some stuff you can put inside Easter Eggs! READ MORE »

8 Unique Easter Egg Hunts Your Kids Will Love

Easter is just around the corner. I have to admit, when I was little I was never super fond of Easter Eggs hunts. It seemed like I was always the one at the end who couldn’t find those last few eggs. It was only months down the road that those eggs would show up! So that’s where they were! However, being a mom of little kids, I have to give in and do egg hunts every year. Most years it seems like we end up doing one with each side of the family so MORE egg hunts for us! I will admit it is pretty fun to see the kids eyes light up with excitement as they find those eggs. So, if they are happy, I’m happy. Here are 8 unique Easter Egg hunt ideas that just may have you (and me!) a little more excited for egg hunts this year. READ MORE »

18 Fun & Unique Ways to Have an Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter is just over a week away can you believe it? I’m not a huge fan of the crazy public egg hunts but my kids love going around collection eggs so I’ve come up with some ways we can, at home, still have fun hunting for eggs! READ MORE »

Things to Do on Your Staycation this Spring Break

This year we’ve decided to stay home during spring break and do some fun things locally. As I’ve been writing our list it’s pretty easy to come up with some fun things that won’t break the bank. Here are a few ideas you could do with your family this spring break no matter where you live! READ MORE »

Car Roadside Emergency Kit with Jumper Cables Just $39.99 Shipped!

Make sure you’re set in an emergency. This Car Roadside Emergency Kit with Jumper Cables is just $39.99 shipped! Snag this for your own car as you compute back and forth to work or pick one up for your college student who’s about to leave home! This kit includes tire pressure gauge, 10 piece nut driver set, slip joint pliers, cloth work gloves, electrical tape, 12 assorted electric terminals and fuses. READ MORE »

How to Save on Braces & Possibly Get Them for FREE!

Well, we have stepped into the world of braces. Fortunately, both my husband and I have never needed them but that’s a different store for our daughter. You could say I had a little bit of sticker shook when I saw how much it was going to cost us so I needed to do a little research and make sure we were saving anywhere we could. Here’s a few things I learned and ways you could save on braces as well. READ MORE »

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