Find Famous People you are Related to with These Simple FREE Steps!

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 3.52.40 PMDid you guys ever watch the TV Series “Who Do You Think You Are”?  Each episode a different celebrity would take a journey to trace his or her family tree.  It was really fun for them to discover their roots and who their ancestors were.  Some were shocked to find out where and who they came from. READ MORE »

Celebrate Pioneer Day With These Family Fun Activities & Crafts!


Pioneer Day is coming up on July 24th which is next Sunday! Many will be celebrating on the 25th but no matter what day you decide to celebrate (and whether you’re in Utah or not) here are some great ways for you to make memories with your family while celebrating those who came across the plains in search of religious freedom, better farmland or even gold! READ MORE »

5 Best Websites to use When You Want Sell your Stuff Online

5 best  websites

Are you looking for a way to earn a little extra money?  You should consider selling some of the stuff that you never use!  The internet is a fantastic resource for decluttering and making money off of stuff that is just taking up space.   READ MORE »

Find Extra Savings at Amazon

find extra savings at amazon

We all know how great Amazon is!  You can shop for just about anything you need without ever leaving the house!  We all also know that Amazon also often has some really great deals, but there are a couple of things you can do to save even more and make sure you are getting the best price. READ MORE »

4 Ways to Lower Your Monthly Expenses

4 ways to save

We can all shop sales or use coupons in order to cut back on our expenses, but what about those expenses that aren’t up to you?  Like your insurance, your phone, etc.  Those are just set amounts, right? READ MORE »

Stay Safe this Summer with these 5 Water Safety Tips!

freebies2deals-safetytipsThese summer days are HOT!  Spending your time near a pool, lake, ocean, or splash pad is a great way to stay cooled off. However, it could also be dangerous.  These 5 tips might be a good refresher for you to help stay safe.  Maybe there will be something new that you haven’t thought of before. READ MORE »

How To Grow Your Own Herbs in Water & Save Money!


Buying fresh herbs can get pricey but if you happen to grow your own you’ll have the convenience of not having to run to the store and you’ll save money! Maybe you’re thinking “well I don’t have a green thumb”. Well, did you know you can grow some herbs right in water? It’s easy cause you can see how much water is in there and when it needs to be refilled. So there’s no guessing if you’ve over watered it or haven’t given it enough! Here are the herbs you can grow, right in water: READ MORE »

Weird Things You Can Sell on Ebay

weird things you can sell on ebay

If you need to declutter the house and you are looking for ways to make money, you have come to the right place!  I know we all have random stuff clutter up our homes to some degree.  Did you know that you can actually make money off of this weird stuff?  Yep, leave it to Ebay buyers to find uses for just about anything. READ MORE »

All About Pokémon GO: Safety Tips & Etiquette


Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve probably heard about Pokemon GO. This augmented reality game is the newest craze in mobile gaming. Unlike most other mobile games, you really can’t get ahead by sitting on your duff with Pokemon Go. You really have to get out in the world and catch you some Pokemon…thingies! Yeah, that’s right—it’s like the ’90’s all over again and I’m revisiting my childhood, but with a modern mobile twist. READ MORE »

Make Road Trips Less Stressful with These Tricks

road trip tricks

Do you have road trip plans this Summer? READ MORE »

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