Water Balloon Games to Beat the Heat This Summer

water balloon games

Water balloons are a ton of fun during the summer! Water balloon wars are a blast, but they can also be over way to quick. It’s usually a pretty big bummer when the water wars end too fast here, so we usually try to stick with water balloon games. READ MORE »

Keep Your Kids Learning this Summer with These Tried & Tested Educational Apps & Websites!

freebies2deals-appsAre you guys having a hard time keeping your kids engaged in educational activities during the summer?As technology is becoming more and more important, kids are using iPads, iPhones, computers all of the time. Why not have some educational apps and websites available to keep them learning instead of just being entertained? READ MORE »

25+ Service Ideas You Can Do Together as a Family!


Many time we think of others and those in need around Christmas time but really we can and should serve others anytime of the year. There is ALWAYS someone in need. It doesn’t have to be big either, it can been something simple. And giving back doesnt have to take a lot of money or time but your kids will learn through your example. And when they get older, they will be better people for thinking of others and caring for those in need. Here are some ideas of service you can do as a family: READ MORE »

Beef Tortilla Casserole! A Great “Family Friendly” Dinner Recipe!


Finding a yummy dinner that everyone in the family will eat can get tricky especially if you have a picky eater. This Beef Tortilla Casserole is a perfect family dinner and it’s EASY to throw together. Even better news, it makes the perfect FREEZER MEAL! You can double the recipe one night putting one together in a freezer dish. Then when you’re busy one night or don’t feel like cooking just pull it out and cook it! No dishes to do or mess to clean up. READ MORE »

VIDEO: No More Amex at Costco: What You Need to Know!


The relationship between American Express and Costco has finally come to an end. As of today, June 20, 2016, American Express co-branded Costco cards will no longer work at the wholesale store. In fact, no credit cards but Visa credit cards can be used at Costco. READ MORE »

Cool off with this Homemade Orange Julius Recipe!

freebies2deals-orangejuliusAs summer is approaching, the heat is turning up! One nice way to spend the hot days is to sip a nice cool, refreshing drink. This homemade Orange Julius recipe is the perfect option! What makes this recipe so great is you probably have every single ingredient already in your home. YAY! Plus, it’s a recipe so easy that even the kids can help make it. READ MORE »

Are You Guilty of Wasting Money? Here Are 10 Big Money Wasters You Might Not Have Thought Of!


We’re all trying to stretch our dollars but there could be some things you’re doing or buy that’s wasting money. Here’s just a few of the top things you could possibly be wasting money on. READ MORE »

Simple Personalized DIY Mugs! The Perfect Father’s Day Gift Idea!


Looking for a great Father’s Day idea? Here’s something personalized you can create for Dad, or really for anyone orany occasion! You’ve probably seen them and wondered HOW DO THEY GET THAT TO STAY ON? Well, by following these steps you’ll be able to create a beautiful mug and get your artwork to stay! Plus, the mugs were super cheap, I’m talking only $.88 at Walmart! So you’re not having to spend a lot of money to create a memorable and personalized gift. READ MORE »

10 Simple Ways Your Teen Can Earn Money This Summer!

freebies2deals-teenjobsSummer is a great time to relax and go on vacation. It’s also a great time to teach your kids how to work and earn money. Once they are earning money, it would be a perfect time to teach them the value of money and how to save. Starting that habit young would help them later on when they are earning more at an older age. READ MORE »

4 Easy Do It Yourself Fathers Day Cards Your Kids Can Make!


Did you realize Fathers Day is next Sunday? Getting your kids involved in making something for Dad is a great way to make him feel important. And, your kids are going to be so excited to give him something they made. Creating a card for Dad could be a fun activity to do with your kids while they’re out of school and all you need is paper and some finger paint. If you dont have any figure paint at home, there are some great recipes you can find on Pinterest but heres one that will work well. READ MORE »

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