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4 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy Anything!

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A new year is approaching which has my husband and I talking about finances. While I know that’s not a once a year conversation it’s typically when we look back at what we’ve spent big chunks of money on, what we need to save for in the coming year and goals we want to set for our finances. This year is no different, but with the inflation we want to make sure we’re extra careful on where we are spending our money so we can still take those trips we want to take and pay for the upgrades on the house. So here are 4 questions we plan to ask ourselves before purchasing anything.

1. Do We Need It?

From experience we’ve always been really good at rationalizing why we NEED something but when it comes down to it we’ll be setting aside all those “excuses” and be more intentional.

2. Does It Fit Into The Budget?

Confession, we’re not great at budgeting. It’s something I admire about others who are. So we’ve broken it down so it’s simple for us to manage and maybe down the road we’ll take on more but that’s for another day. Right now we’re focusing on our food budget which includes dinning out as well as what we purchase on Amazon (which for us is a category all on its own). Do what works best for you but make sure there’s a way you can answer this question.

3. How Many Hours Do I Have To Work To Pay For This? 

Wow! Have you really thought about this question when you are looking at buying something. Lets say you’re wanting the newest phone and it cost $300 (that’s low I know). If you were paying $20 per hour after taxes are taken out, you will have to work 15 hours to pay for that phone. Is that worth it for you to buy? Maybe yes, maybe no but that’s a question you’ll have to ask yourself.

4. Where Will It’s Home Be?

This one is a big one for me. I struggle when my home feels cluttered, less is more. I love the rule, one thing in one thing out and it’s something I’ve tried to live by especially with clothing and office supplies (my two weak spots). So take a minute and decide, do you have room for this item and if so where will it’s home be.

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