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5 Fun Things to Do on a Quarantined Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving will definitely be different than years past. If you’re like us, you will be celebrating the day with those in your own home. Even though you won’t be surrounded by family and friends this year, there are still some fun things you can do. Here are 5 things you could do to make this Thanksgiving a good one! READ MORE »

20 Fun Indoor Winter Activities for the Kids

It’s  that time of year when it’s too cold to comfortably play outside. My kids tend to gravitate towards screens when they are getting “bored” and they say there is nothing to do. I’ve decided I need to make a list of things that the kids can do inside the house. There really is a lot for them to do, but they need options.  So here are 20 fun things to do inside this winter! READ MORE »

How to Make a Christmas Countdown Chain Using Your Halloween Candy

Now that Halloween is over, do you have a TON of candy?  What do you do with it? How do you minimize the intake of sugar for your kids? Here is a great way to solve all of your questions- Make a Christmas Countdown Chain! This chain seriously saves me from kid tantrums and tears. Instead of them asking every 10 minutes if they can have another piece of candy, they know that they get one piece a day and each day means it’s closer to Christmas! It does take some time, but the kids can help you out!  Here’s how you do it: READ MORE »

5 Fun DIY Halloween Desserts/Crafts to do with your Kids

This year since a pandemic is raging around our country, Halloween will be a little different. We might be staying indoors and surrounded by our own family members. I was trying to think of some fun things for the kids to do this Halloween and I think I found them! There are TONS of super cute dessert and craft ideas that you can make with the kids this year. I’ve narrowed it down to 5 that I love. Hopefully these will be a favorite for you too! READ MORE »

7 Low-Risk Activities to do this Halloween

This year will be a little different than past years for Halloween. Getting together in big groups and having large parties is high risk and one to be avoided this year. The CDC has come out with lists of low, medium and high risk activities for 2020. If you want to stay safe, here are 7 Low-Risk activities that you can do this Halloween, they are fun too! READ MORE »

Super Easy & Yummy Pumpkin Sheet Cake Recipe

I absolutely LOVE the Fall season. Pumpkins, pumpkin spice, pumpkin cake, what’s not to love? One of our favorite recipes for the Fall is pumpkin sheet cake. It’s super easy to make and it feeds a lot of people. My kids even request this over and over again. It’s definitely a crowd pleaser. YUM! READ MORE »

5 Easy Ways to Show Appreciation to Your School Teachers

I’ve talked to many teachers this year and they are having a hard time being both an in-class as well as an online teacher. It’s hard. It takes more time away from their families. It’s emotionally and physically exhausting. If we could help just a little bit to take away some heartache, then they would be a better teachers for our kids. READ MORE »

4 Things You Need to do NOW Before Prime Day & Target Deal Days

Now that it is October, holiday deals are starting to take shape. We’ve heard that Prime Days & Target Deal Days are happening on October 13th and 14th, so now is the time to get ready for these deals and save a ton of money. There are 4 things that you can do before these big deal days that will help you get ready. READ MORE »

5 Canning Tools You’ll Want to Buy

With the pandemic going on, canning is suddenly the new norm. I’ve heard many people say they want to start canning or they have already canned some fruits and veggies. If canning is new to you then you’ll want to check out these 5 canning tools that make it SO much easier and quicker. I’m all for that! READ MORE »

4 No-Fuss Super Cute Little Girl Hairstyles You’ve Got to Try

If you have a little girl, then you’ll know that doing their hair can become quite the chore! The hard part for me is just finding cute, yet easy hairstyles that I can do in a matter of minutes. My little girl only sits still for that long. So, I’ve found these 5 super cute hairstyles that really anyone can do! They take little time and look so cute. READ MORE »

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