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Unique Easter Egg Hunt Ideas- Your Kids Will Love

easter egg hunt f2dEaster is coming soon. Are you ready? I have to admit, when I was little I was never super fond of Easter Eggs hunts. It seemed like I was always the one at the end who couldn’t find those last few eggs. It was only months down the road that those eggs would show up! So that’s where they were! However, being a mom of little kids, I have to give in and do egg hunts every year. Most years it seems like we end up doing one with each side of the family so MORE egg hunts for us! I will admit it is pretty fun to see the kids eyes light up with excitement as they find those eggs. So, if they are happy, I’m happy.  Here are 10 unique Easter Egg hunt ideas that just may have you (and me!) a little more excited for egg hunts this year. READ MORE »

How to Save Money on Spring Break Staycations

  • Look on your city and neighboring cities website for events going on. Most likely there will be a few FREE events that you can go to.
  • Go to your local library and see what activities they have going on. Our local library even has a calendar set out so we can play our spring break week with activities they have going on.
  • Check websites and social media for deals on food at local restaurants. Mostly likely they know that it’s spring break and they will be offering deals for those that are still around.
  • Make a budget for the week so you know what you can splurge on and what you want to pass on. This helps when deciding what to do for the week.
  • Check your local movie theatres for their discounted days and go then!
  • Bring your own food from home when you go out for the day. Save that money on fast food to go to a fun restaurant for the week (using a deal of course!).

    Super Easy and Yummy Strawberry Poke Cake Recipe- Perfect for Easter

    YUM! I’m seeing the strawberries on sale, which means it’s time to make this yummy  Strawberries and Cream Poke Cake Recipe. It’s the perfect Easter dessert that the whole family will enjoy. READ MORE »

    Non-Candy Easter Basket Filler Ideas

    Easter is coming in a few short weeks. Some of you may do the traditional Easter baskets filled with candy and fun toys. Over the past years, I’ve come to the conclusion my kids don’t need more candy. Every holiday includes some sort of treat and it’s just too much! For Easter I try and do some fun outdoor toys, books, and new spring clothing. If you need more ideas of non-candy Easter basket fillers, here they are. I love buying my items at Target, Walmart or Amazon. If you want to shop and snag a cute spring outfit then check out your local Burlington, I love their clothing sets. You can also checkout Target’s Cat & Jack clothing. I love them! READ MORE »

    4 Beauty Items Under $20 You Need to Try

    Wearing makeup everyday is fun but can definitely add up! I love finding beauty items that don’t break the bank. I’ve tried a variety of beauty items over the years and have found some great ones that are all under $20. Check these out! READ MORE »

    4 Household Cleaning Items You Need to Try

    Cleaning a house is never ending. You may have it cleaned up and then the kids get home from school and BAM, it’s time for a cleanup again. No matter how many times you are cleaning your home, there are products that make it almost “fun” to clean and some of them even save me time. Check these items out! READ MORE »

    5 Fun & Budget Friendly Things to do in St. George, Utah

    During the winter seasons it’s always nice to escape the cold and snow and enjoy some warmer weather somewhere else. Our family loves going south to St. George, Utah. It’s a beautiful red rock community that is completely different than the Wasatch front. It’s a fun change. If you want to explore, here are 5 Fun & Budget Friendly Things to do in St. George, Utah. READ MORE »

    Kick the Winter Blues with These 5 Tricks

    It’s nearing the end of February which means that most of us are ready for Spring. With the lack of sunlight and the colder weather, Winter can seem so long. Many people experience the winter blues especially as the winter months have gone on and on. Check out these 5 tricks that I try and do every winter to keep my spirits high and dare I say, even enjoy Winter! READ MORE »

    How to Save Money on Ski Rentals & Tickets

    If you live in a snowy climate where skiing is available, then you’ll know how expensive it can get! By the time you buy the or rent the skis/board, boots, accessories and the tickets it adds up. We have a family of 6 so skiing is definitely an investment, but so fun. If you want to begin skiing then here are some money saving tips to save money on ski rentals & tickets. READ MORE »

    Easy Cake Mix Cookie Recipe- Perfect for Santa’s Christmas Eve Cookies

    I love making cookies, especially at this time of year. I turn on a little Christmas music and get baking. I had to share with you one of my most favorite cookie recipes. These cake mix cookies are AWESOME. What makes them awesome? They are fool proof. Seriously. It requires little ingredients, not a lot of time, and they turn out great! You can also make them with a variety of cake mixes and add in different candies, chips and sprinkles. YUM! Kids can even help with this recipe. I like to have them help me with these cookies for Christmas Eve. Then we leave a few out for Santa. I hope you enjoy these as much as our family does. READ MORE »

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