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Yellowstone Bear World: 8 Tips to Know Before You Go (Money Saving Tips Too!)

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Are you planning a trip to Yellowstone Bear World? It’s such a fun adventure for the entire family. If this is your first time or even your second time going, here are a few tips you’ll want to make sure to take advantage of. They will save you money and hopefully help your Bear World experience run smoothly.

  1. Entrance Fees: If you have a larger group of people, use the Group Rating for 15 or more people. You can do this even if you are in different cars. If you have less than 15 people,  you can also do the Car Load rate which is $98.97 online for 7 people. That’s only $14.13 per person instead of the $23.95 if you were just paying individually!  Those options will definitely help you save a ton of money. We adjusted with family to fill our cars up to the 7 people to maximize our savings. Also be sure to use the Senior discounts if applicable.
  2. Wildlife Excursion: Use the Group rating for this if possible. It’s only $45 for up to 7 people which is only $6.42 per person. Otherwise you will be paying $12.95 each.
  3. If you want to hand feed the baby bears you need to sign up online EARLY. Like weeks or even months in advance. We didn’t realize that until too late. So when you have your dates planned, sign up and get registered because they have limited spots.
  4. If you don’t want to spend the money to feed the bears in the truck, then make it so you get behind the Wild Life excursion truck on your drive through the park. It’s seriously so cool. You follow the truck and they stop right in front of you. Then you can watch all the bears gather around the truck and watch the people feed them. This way you can stay in your air-conditioned car, see all the bears at once, and not pay extra!
  5. Drive through the park more than once. This way you will see different animals each time you go. Definitely try and go first thing in the morning when it’s cooler, you’ll see more bears then.
  6. Bring your own water bottles. There are NO drinking fountains at Bear World. The best thing to do is have a water bottle for each person and you can refill it for free at their cafe. You can get a free water from the cafe, but sometime their line is super long. Having a water bottle would be so nice.
  7. Bring your own lunch. To save some money, bring your own lunch and eat at their covered pavilions just outside of the building.
  8. Last but not least, you need to try out their FREE samples of fudge. There are different kinds all of the time, and they are super yummy.

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