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5 Screen-Free Ways to Keep Your Kids Learning this Summer

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How is your summer going? Ours is going really well. However, as we get closer to the middle of summer the kids tend to gravitate towards more screen watching and less reading. So I’ve come up with 5 ways to get the kids learning that is NOT on screens. These ideas may be a little out of the box, but I love teaching them in different ways.

  1. Visit Grandparents or Older Neighbors and learn about their history. Kids these days don’t take the time to actually listen to the elderly and hear what they have to say. If you take the time to actually listen, they have a lot to say. You could go with questions to ask like – what was going on in the country when you were in high school? What chores did you do when you were the kids ages? Think about what you want to learn from them.
  2. Visit a Museum. During the summer we often think about going to waterparks and swimming. Do you think about exploring a museum near you? Check out Groupon and see what deals they have available. My kids learn so much from museums and really enjoy learning.
  3. Surround your Kids with Educational Books. I’ve found out that when I have books in key places around the house, the kids will pick them up and read them more often. Do you have books in the car? Or, what about in the kitchen area? Think about where they tend to congregate and put some books there. It’s also important to go to the library often and keep new and interesting books around. They will start reading!
  4. Creative Time. Do you actually carve out some day during the day to have some creative play time? I know we are always go go go, but why not slow down and give them the TIME to use their creative brains? Grab a few items like play-doh, molding clay, paper, markers, even cardboard and duct tape! The kids can create some amazing thing if we give them the time and option.
  5. Nature Walks. We go to a lot of parks, but what about nature walks or even hikes? I found out that if we are on a walk, my kids tend to talk more to me. We have really great conversations when we are outside and away from distractions. Give it a try!

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