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Reduce Your Mom Stress With These 5 Tips

I love being a mom. My kids and I have so much fun together. However, being a mom is also super stressful and exhausting.  There are a lot of different things you can do to help relieve that stress. I’ve narrowed it down to 5. If I do these things regularly I can simply enjoy being a mom.

  1. Find an outlet for your energy. Exercise like swimming, walking, aerobic classes, or strength training. Just being outside for small moments can help too. Sometimes we put all of our frustration and worries into our bodies and minds and we don’t release it. Exercising in a variety of forms will help release that pent up  negative energy. I can feel I have more patience when I have exercised that morning. Try it.
  2. Plan regular girls night out activities. This is an absolute must.  Most women don’t think about this or plan them as often as they should. Women need to talk with women. Whenever I get with my girl friends I feel so much better after. Talk about your worries, your triumphs, laugh and smile. This can be as easy as a play date with your kids at the park, or plan a night without kids and find a new place to eat. Having solo time with out kids is so beneficial.  Even short girls trips are so much fun. I’m a better mom when I have those little nights out and away from the kids.
  3. Relax your body. Take a good time out for yourself. I’ve recently joined a massage club and I absolutely love it. I can feel my body and mind relax and tension disappears. If that’s not in your budget, then find time to meditate when it’s quiet. Take a nice warm bath with scented candles, go on a walk outside or just find a place to sit with the sun shining on your face. This relaxation time will help relieve some stress.
  4. Get organized. If I’m not organized, then my stress level is definitely higher. Each week find a day that works for you to plan out the rest of the week. Plan your activities, meals, sporting events, carpools, laundry days, even play dates or girls night out. Get your week planned and prepared. That way your mind has a lot less questions to think about during the week. If you don’t carpool, then definitely think about it and find a way to do it. We need each other and that is a great way to help relieve some stress. Lately, we have been doing a 10 minute clean up before bed. Turn on your timer and some music and have each person responsible for one area of the house. Get that area cleaned and organized. It’s amazing what can be done in 10 minutes. Then in the morning, you can start your day out right with a clean house.
  5. Do something fun. How often do you smile? laugh? As moms we tend to put our time and energy into our kids. It’s that time of life. However, we do need to have fun as well. Having fun vacations planned  with the family or going to a fun sporting event helps me step out of my normal routine, which is so needed. I love going on date nights with my husband. Try inviting new couples to join you. Sometimes we forget that we need friends too.

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