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5 Things You Must Do in San Francisco (With Savings Tips Too!)

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I recently returned from a fun adventure in San Francisco, California and I had to share my must-do list. This time I was NOT traveling with kids. However, most of these activities I would take make kids and do them the next time we are there. San Francisco has so much to offer and I loved every second I was there.

  1. Bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. This is a definite must and a highlight of our trip. First, we found an amazing place to rent our bikes. It’s called Basically Free Bike Rentals. Let me explain how it works- You grab your rental bike from the location near Fisherman’s Wharf. You will get the value of your rental for in store credit at Sports Basement, which is a sporting goods store, conveniently located on the bike trail to the bridge. So we got our bikes, paid about $35 for the day and then went to their sports store and bought $35 worth of items for FREE with our credit. Super cool and totally legit. The bike across the bridge is so fun. There are some beautiful views of the bridge on the trail from Fisherman’s Wharf. Take your time and enjoy the ride. On the way back, you can ride the ferry from Sausolito…which is my #2 favorite thing to do.
  2. Visit Sausolito and walk around the stores and ride the ferry back to the wharf. This is the best way to get back, unless you are ambitious and want to ride your bike back over the bridge. The town is charming. Be sure to stop at Venice Gourmet Delicatessen and get an Avocado Turkey Club sandwich. It’s simply amazing. The ferry ride back is super fun too. Go to the top and let the wind get in your face and enjoy the views from every angle.
  3. Ride a cable car. This totally lives up to the hype. You need to “hang out” as you are on the cable car. It’s terrifying, but totally worth it. We did it a few times. Be sure to get on the route that goes by Lombardi street. You can even hop off there and walk down the curvy street which is beautiful. A way to save on transportation in the city is to get the multi-day passes if you are there for awhile.  One Cable Car ride is $7, so it will add up. You can also walk the city pretty easily.
  4. Coit tower and the Greenwich stairs. This is a beautiful walk to the tower and then an even more beautiful walk down the stairs. I love good walks like this. You can pay to go to the top of the tower and see the views, or you can enjoy them from below.
  5. Ghirardelli Square is a must. Not only do they have amazing ice creams and sauces, the view from the square is breathtaking. Try to be there at night when the square is lit up with lights and the sun is setting on the bay. There are plenty of places to sit right there by the water and enjoy the view.

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