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Fun & Creative Things You Can Do at the Beach!

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I’m so excited for summer and the warmer weather! We have a couple trips planned to the beach that we’re all looking forward too! I’m sure we won’t have any problem making memories and having fun but I’ve come up with some fun unique things to do in the sand that maybe you haven’t thought of! Check them out!

  1. Have a sand sculpture competition – you could put mom and dad on opposite teams and get busy making your best sculpture!
  2. Write messages in the sand – from your names to shapes and drawings you can do so much with simple a stick.
  3. Sand Volcanoes – using the chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar you can make a sand volcano. Build your volcano with a bottle as your core. Then fill your bottle with baking soda (you can add sand to the bottom of your bottle if it’s a larger bottle, then it doesn’t take as much baking soda) then add the vinegar and watch it erupt.
  4. People watch – this reminds me of the scene in Date Night where they’re at the restaurant and watching people as they make up their conversation and life story.
  5. Make a relay race – this can include everyone from adults down to kids. Use cups to fill up a sand whole or a bucket you have.
  6. Create a scavenger hunt – come up with some items everyone has to look for. Then use those items and make sand art with them.
  7. Color Sand – there’s a couple different ways I saw you can do this. First you’ll just need zip lock bags and food coloring. Add your sand to the bag and a few drop of your food coloring. Zip the bag up and shake it up until the sand starts to change color. Second, take some sidewalk chalk and grate it up (using a food grater) then mix in your sand until it’s all colored. Both these way sound fun and something we’re going to try.
  8. Play Pictionary or Tic Tac Toe – These are simple games you can play right in the sand. You could come up with some pictures to draw while you’re there or create your list before you go.
  9. Target Shooting – dig a whole, make a circle or put a stick into the ground and use it as a target. Make it a game and see whole can hit the target first. (Just make sure you’re smart in which way you’ll be throwing your items, don’t want to hit anyone.)

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