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How to Save Money on Food While on Vacation

foodIf you’re like me then you always have a vacation planned. It would be in 2 months or year but you are working on all of the plans and it’s something to look forward to. You could be looking for good airfare, cheap hotels and transportation. Those are usually the big expenses. However, once you are at your destination you may suddenly realize those food receipts are adding up quickly. Sometimes we don’t realize how much we spend on food until we get home and see our credit card statement or you add up all of the receipts at the end. Yikes! I could be a ton of money! Here are some ways to save money on food while you are on vacation.

Use Apps. We use Yelp all of the time when we are on vacations and visiting new cities and towns. We don’t know what restaurants are available so we search on Yelp for a place to eat. The reason I love Yelp is because you can choose filters to help you find a place to eat that fits your needs. You can choose the dollar amount you want to pay, whether it’s kid friendly, and their location with menu options and reviews. If you are on a tight budget you can choose the one dollar sign and find those options in your budget. If you had one night where you want a nicer dinner you can do that as well.

Use Coupons. Once you decide where you will be eating, check their website and app for coupons and deals. There is a good chance there will be one on their site. Sometimes you need to register, but it’s totally worth the few minutes it takes to then save money at the restaurant. You can always unsubscribe later. With smartphones, it’s so much easier to use coupons that can be directly on your phone! One other great place to find coupons is in the lobby of the hotel you are staying. Check for those flyers and brochures that are there and see if you find a restaurant coupon there.

Use Groupon. I know I’ve mentioned this before time and time again, but it’s seriously the BEST! Groupon is nationwide. So before you go on your trip, head to Groupon and search for your destination city. You can search for food and see what deals they have going on. You could do this for every meal and save a TON of money.

Pack a Lunch. When we are on vacation we like to go out to eat only once a day. We find a hotel that has a free breakfast, then we pack a lunch, and head to our dinner (using those ideas above). This way we are not spending a ton of money everyday, and we don’t get sick of going out. You could either head to the store before hand and buy those essentials or stop at a store when you reach your destination. Packing a lunch and snacks will save you a lot of money. This way you don’t have to stop at vendors for a quick snack because you are starving. Use your snacks and be on your way.

Shop Wisely. If you are shopping for food at your destination city try to find those chains of stores you are familiar with or have a store card. I love Kroger so I would try and find one of those stores and use my savings card. It works in a variety of states. This way I get the deals and can save just by having my card. Try not going overboard on your shopping. You don’t want to waste food. Try calculating what you need for the days you are there.

How else do you save on food while on vacations? I would love to hear your ideas!

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