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Target: Learn from My Mistakes!

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I just got back from a trip to Target.  There were a few things in their weekly ad that I wanted to grab.  But, there were two big mistakes that happened on my receipts.  And, they could happen to any of you at ANY time.  So I wanted to share what happened and how to try to prevent it from happening to you!

What I did wrong:
1- Forgot to take a copy of the ad with me to the cashier.
2- Didn’t watch the cash register as my coupons were being scanned. (It is so hard to do when you have kids crying!!)

What I did right:
1- Talked with customer service TWICE.
2- Checked my receipts BEFORE I left the store.
3- Backed up my transaction with their own ad.

On my receipt, I had used 4 $1.00 off coupons.  Well, only 2 of them showed, even though I watched her scan all 4. So I had her look at the receipt and she didn’t get it either.  She re-scanned the coupons and gave me back $2.00 in cash.  That was an easy fix. 

If you are checking your receipt right after you get it, you should get any of those problems resolved.  However, I have heard of coupons not coming off at Target multiple times from different readers.  This is the first time it has happened to me.  I’m not sure if it is a malfunction with the computer, or if it is something else.  In any case, check your receipts!

I had also purchased 3 of the C9 Workout shirts for my husband.  They were shown in the ad for $7.50.  I thought it was an awesome deal and would work great for the nights he plays basketball.

After checkout, I realized my receipt showed I paid $12.99 for two of them. I went up to customer service and said that they rang up wrong.  The customer service employee told me that only one of the shirts qualified for that price and the other two were $12.99.  But, let me tell you- all 3 shirts were EXACTLY the same.  Just 3 different colors.  There is no reason why only one would ring up for the right price.

So, I thought- I must have read the ad wrong.  But, something was nagging at me. So I went over to the ad that Target has mounted on the wall in Customer Service to check the fine print.  This is what I saw:

You can tell from the ad that the $7.99 price was for C9 Sleeveless Workout Shirts with DuoDry Fabric.  I bought three of those C9 shirts that said DuoDry and looked just like the picture. 

So, I thought, “Nope.  I’m going to get this taken care of!”  Went back in line at Customer Service where the manager was actually helping out.  I explained my story and showed him the ad and how my shirts were exactly what the ad said.  Guess what?  He changed the prices for me and gave me back cash.

There were a few things I could have done to not have the escalation of this problem.

First of all, I should have had a copy of the ad with me when I was checking out.  When I saw the price ring up incorrectly, I could have shown the cashier the ad and the price would have been changed.  Easy Fix. 

So, since we are all learning from my mistakes, the most important thing you can do is check your receipt BEFORE you leave the store.  No one wants to drive back to the store just to fix a receipt problem!

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  1. Thanks for the post. I have had NUMEROUS problems at Target while I watched my coupons scan through the register correct amount and then checked my receipt to find that the coupon amounts had been changed at total or completely removed! It has happened the last three trips to Traget and is a sure pain in the butt to get it fixed!

  2. I have had coupons not scan too, they have always fixed it no problem. I always check my receipt before I leave the store so I don't have to come back. It is not just Target that makes mistakes, it happens at a lot of stores.

  3. The Centerville Target is famous for showing the coupon coming off at the register, but when the receipt prints, some of the coupons do not show. The first couple of times this happened, I didn't know until I got home. They have been good to give me the cash, except for one time when I took my receipt in the next week – (the lady told me it was my responsibility to check my receipt before I leave the store). Now I always count the number of coupons and the amounts before I get to the checkout (5-$1 coupons, etc). I have actually had to get the coupons from the checker and take over to customer service. They do not know why this is happening, but are aware of the problem (probably because I am at the customer service desk every week). Marva Jean

  4. We started taking pictures of the prices on the shelves. Especially with unadvertised or clearance prices that aren't marked on the package, it can help to have proof. Last time we had a problem, my husband showed the cashier the picture on his phone. We made sure to show the items on the shelf and get a good clear close-up shot of the price and description.


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