Come Meet and Hang Out With Me! I’m Giving You Target Gift Cards, SWAG and More!

details for CVX Live


In case you missed it and will be in Utah TOMORROW, March 25th, come hang out with me!! You can even bring your kids! READ MORE »

I Know It’s Early— But MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

There are only three days to Christmas… and I hope that the deals you saw on Freebies2Deals were able to help you get your shopping done and save you money at the same time.   READ MORE »

The True Meaning of Christmas…. And Something to Help You Remember It

true meaning of christmas

This time of year can easily turn into a stressful time of year—- if we let it.  But keeping a good perspective and being reminded about what Christmas is truly about can help you slow down and make the holidays a special time for you and your family. READ MORE »

F2D Fans: Come Help Plan My New TV Show!!

TV Show announcement

Are you a big Freebies2Deals Fan?  If so, I need your help!  I will be launching my own show in January and while I have a lot of it all mapped out and the ideas are flowing, I would LOVE to have your input as well. I mean, Freebies2Deals wouldn’t be what it is without you and knowing what kind of video content you want to see definitely helps the entire process! READ MORE »


freebies2deals tv show

Guys, I literally have been working on this for over a year.  I haven’t been able to tell anyone and it’s been SO hard to keep a secret…. I’m starting my own TV Show!  AHHH!  I can’t believe it! READ MORE »

Freebies2Deals Email Issue: You Might Have UnSubscribed from Deals and Not Known It!

freebies2deals- email subscribers

Hey everyone!  Quick update on something…… READ MORE »

Behind the Scenes of the Blog and A Little Hint About Brands!


Ok guys!  Every once and awhile I love to give you guys some insight to what happens BEHIND the blog.  It’s a hot mess most of the time, a bazillion emails and me always feeling like I will never quite catch up. However, because I do spend so much time talking with brands & marketers, I get an idea of what will happen before it does, what ways my readers can take advantage and am able to try to direct you guys in the right direction with deals, promotions and even social media changes.  It’s one of the perks that I do like about running this blog! 🙂 READ MORE »

Happy 4th of July! Let Freedom Ring!

First of all, Happy 4th of July to all of you!  It is easy to take for granted all of the freedoms we have here in America.  But it is so nice to take a day to remember, thank all who have served our Country, and enjoy the freedoms we do have! READ MORE »

“Cue the Conversation” Interview with Nicea DeGering

interview on cue the conversation blog website

People always ask me how Freebies2Deals turned into what it was and I think the secret sauce is PASSION. Nicea DeGering recently interviewed me for her brand new blog:  Cue the Conversation.  If you READ MORE »

Honor and Enjoy Your Memorial Day!

best memorial day sales

If you are reading this post this morning, May 25th, then I wanted to let you know that I am out visiting graves of loved ones this morning and spending time with family later today.  So you won’t see any additional deals or freebies getting posted this morning. READ MORE »

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