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After my annoying experience yesterday at Target, I received an email with some very helpful information from a former Target employee. So, I thought I would pass it along to the rest of the Freebies2Deals readers so we can not only stand up for our coupons, but be educated enough to do it.

Here are 3 things you should put into your memory for shopping at Target:

1. Every person on a register is authorized to make adjustments on prices on their own as long the amount of the adjustment is less than $9.99. The person on the register should not argue, just merely smile and make their “guest” happy.

2. If you have a problem, when you go to customer service ask them to page the LOD. The LOD is the “lead on duty” and is at a minimum a department manager. Often it’s an assistant store manager or the store manager. If you’ve had the problems you experienced today the LOD not only will fix it for you, but get the problem resolved it’s not happening to others. Don’t hesitate to do this as it is why there is a “lead on duty”.

3. Target’s corporate policy is that they do not have customers…they have “guests”. The moment you say to a manager “As a Target guest I expect _______” you are communicating that you are aware of their policy and how you expect to be treated.

So remember the key words “guest” and “LOD”. That should definitely help Target know you understand how their system works and give you empowerment to fix any problem you run into!

(Thanks myanonymous source!)

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  1. secret source… lame just tell us where you got the info.

  2. I don't go to target anymore. I have had nothing but problems. I have yet to hear of someone saying target has been a positive experienc

  3. I love Target. My favorite store to shop!

  4. thanks! 🙂 hope it helps!

  5. I was wondering if you knew more details about Targets price matching policy. I don't usually price match there because you have to go through customer service, but I sent my husband to the store for me and he needed to price match an item, but they told him no. He was trying to price match srtore that was selling the item 3 for 5$. It was in the printed ad which he had with him. He was going to buy three but they told him they wouldn't price match an item that required a specific number of items to be bought. That doesn't seem right to me since stores are constantly selling things in groups like 10 for 10$, 2 for 4$ etc. Also, I just got my rite aid wellness card in the mail today, but I am a little intimidated to use it because I am confused with all their promotions, video coupons, up rewards, rebates, etc. Do you have a previous blog entry where you review these things. Thanks for all you are doing to help us all get the most for our money. Asia Briscoe

  6. Obviously Target only thinks of some of their customers as guests. I had an awful experience at target yesterday. For one, they would not let me use my $1 off coupon on ANY ONE SIZE tide for a sample size. I had the lead come over and she explained that the manufactures did not intend for people to use it on a sample size and get the item for free (even though I was getting two other items for free and I should also mention that I had $40 worth of items and only 4 coupons I was using so this was not going to be a small transaction).I stayed calm and explained that the coupon specifically states you can use it on ANY ONE SIZE and does not say anywhere that you can not use it on a trial size. Then she told me that the item was .99 and the coupon was for $1 off and so it was not right I would be making money, so I said that she could adjust it and she said that they were not suppose to do that. I them pulled out my Target coupon policy and read it to her stating that that they may adjust a coupon if it exceeds the price of the item. She said she still wouldn't do it.I asked if there was anywhere I could file a complaint and she told me to write one on their comment card. I wanted to cry I was so upset by the way I was treated and to make matters worse there was a snide lady behind me who was mumbling stuff under her breath to the cashier. I don't understand why people are so rude.This was one of my first coupon experiences and it makes me wonder if I want to continue to coupon.

  7. Jen-Looks like you were prepared and had everything you needed. The one thing I would have done is said that you were going to call corporate right there. Have the Target phone number in your phone and call. Let them know that their own LOD is not taking your valid coupon and not treating you like a guest. Program the target number into your phone for any future problems: 1.800.440.0680 Since you are no longer there, you can either call or email Target and let them know that their LOD treated you badly and wouldnt take your legitimate coupon. Policy was not followed.I know it is frustrating. But, believe me. It has happened to us all at one point! This should get corporate to talk with the Manager about her lack of understanding on coupons and the Target Policy. Hang in there! You might want to try going to a different Target.


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