UPromise! One of The Coolest Things Ever!


In case you haven’t heard or you’re new to the site…I think UPromise is so incredibly cool that it is hard to know where to start..this is how it works! READ MORE »

Smiths BEST Deals 3/2-3/9

Smiths BEST Deals 3/2-3/9

For everyone who is new to the site, you can only print off two copies of each printable coupon. READ MORE »

Time to Introduce you to Cellfire, Shortcuts and UPromise eCoupons!

I held off for awhile in introducing you to these eCoupon sites becuase I didn’t want us to run before we were walking in the coupon world. When you start to use eCoupons, things start getting more complicated. I wanted to make sure we were all understanding basic couponing before we moved to the harder stuff! READ MORE »

UPromise! One of the coolest things ever!

Save for College the Smart Way! I think UPromise is so incredibly cool that it is hard to know where to start…..this is how it works!

UPromise is designed to give parents an easy and affordable way to save for their kid’s education. UPromise gives you cash back when you go grocery shopping, eat out at restaurants, buy items from retail shops and more.  You then have two different ways to use your UPromise money.  You can deposit it into a college 529 fund for your kids.  Or, you can even request the money back in a check! READ MORE »

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