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UPromise! One of the coolest things ever!

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Save for College the Smart Way!
I think UPromise is so incredibly cool that it is hard to know where to start…..this is how it works!

UPromise is designed to give parents an easy and affordable way to save for their kid’s education. UPromise gives you cash back when you go grocery shopping, eat out at restaurants, buy items from retail shops and more.  You then have two different ways to use your UPromise money.  You can deposit it into a college 529 fund for your kids.  Or, you can even request the money back in a check!

UPromise is similar to Ebates or ShopAtHome…EXCEPT that you can actually attach your UPromise account to your grocery store shopping card (Like a Smith’s Fresh Values Card).  You can earn up to 3% cash back, just for buying your groceries!  Another way that it is different is that with Ebates or ShopAtHome, you can only buy products online.  With UPromise, you can actually attach a credit or debit card with your UPromise account.  So, if you go out to eat someplace and pay with that card, you will get cash back for that too!

Plus, say you have a Grandma or someone else who wants to help out.  They can attach their credit card or debit card to YOUR account.  So everytime they shop, you will get the cash back to save up for college expenses!  Awesome right??

I think I do a pretty good job of letting you all know when there are awesome coupon codes out to use online.  But, I can’t possibly post all of them.  UPromise actually will tell you if there is a great coupon code to use for whatever store you are shopping at online.

Since we are already buying items, we should all take advantage of programs like these!  Even if you don’t have kids to save for college, you can request a check back instead! 

The service is completely free.  All you have to do is create an account and register your debit or credit card with them so they can give you cash back!  Easy right?  And it is completely secure! 
**Just for your peace of mind, UPromise is backed by SallieMae Government Student Loans and New York Life.  So this is a legit program.. Take advantage!

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  1. It looks like it is all on-line shopping is that correct? I signed up but can't find the places to eat on any list

  2. You can set up your debit card or credit card and your grocery store shopping card. Retail stores are online shopping. But grocery stores and restaurants are in-store. There are over 8,000 restaurants that you can earn cash back on. You can see them here:, I would recommend checking out the FAQ section. Because they offer so many different ways to get cash back, it may seem overwhelming. But take a few minutes and read the FAQs. That should answer your questions and figure out how it all works.

  3. In addition to UPromise, I noticed that Sallie Mae is also offering high yield savings accounts and certificates with some of the best interest rates I've seen which you can link to your UPromise account

  4. I noticed that they have Upromise ecoupons. Can you use these at the same time as another MFQ on one item?

  5. I have used Upromise for several years when we won $500 from Smith's and Coca Cola to start the account. It is wonderful. The savings have been used to link to my sons Sallie Mae account It is free, easy to use, and don't forget to install the toolbar so it can remind you to save when you shop.

  6. I went to sign up and was a little disconcerted to find that it's a credit card. I thought it was a savings program that I could link my existing cards to. I think I'll pass.

  7. Rebecca-UPromise is not a credit card. Although I believe they do offer one if you want one. So you may have been looking in the wrong place.You can create a free account and connect your existing cards to it. Then you can save money by using those cards you already have.


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