Smiths BEST Deals 3/10-3/16

First of allCellfire has just put out a bunch of new coupons.  So you will want to go and load them all to your card.  You never know when you will see a great item and wish you had put it on before. READ MORE »

Smiths BEST Deals 3/2-3/9

Smiths BEST Deals 3/2-3/9

For everyone who is new to the site, you can only print off two copies of each printable coupon. READ MORE »

Time to Introduce you to Cellfire, Shortcuts and UPromise eCoupons!

I held off for awhile in introducing you to these eCoupon sites becuase I didn’t want us to run before we were walking in the coupon world.  When you start to use eCoupons, things start getting more complicated.  I wanted to make sure we were all understanding basic couponing before we moved to the harder stuff! READ MORE »

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