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Smiths BEST Deals 3/10-3/16

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First of allCellfire has just put out a bunch of new coupons.  So you will want to go and load them all to your card.  You never know when you will see a great item and wish you had put it on before.

Second– I wanted to give you all a heads up. Smith’s has loadable coupons that you can put on your Rewards Card.  However, there are a lot of things that are going to be changing soon… as far as which loadable coupons can be used and if they can be used with a manufacturer’s coupon.  So far, they haven’t officially changed anything.  BUT, I have had numerous readers contact me about not being able to use their manufacturer’s coupon and the loadable Smith’s coupon together.  You should be able to do that… but for right now, it may not work for you. 

Third– You should still be able to use a CellFire Loadable Coupon OR a Shortcuts Loadable Coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon together.  I will let you know when the rules change.  You cannot use a Cellfire, Shortcuts and a Manufacturer’s coupon on one item… so keep that in mind.

For everyone who is new to the site, you can only print off two copies of each printable coupon.

*RP Stands for Red Plum, SS stands for Smart Source, PG stands for Proctor and Gamble. They are all coupon inserts that come in the Sunday Paper. If you haven’t set up a Sunday Only Newspaper Subscription, you will want to!! I have negotiated the best prices in Utah for the Sunday Only paper. You will save more money the first time you go shopping than the price you paid for the subscription!

Don’t know what Cellfire, Shortcuts and Upromise is? Read my post about it here! Remember, it is best to just load all of the possible coupons on to your card at once. You don’t get penalized if you don’t use them.

Smith’s BEST Deals 3/10- 3/16

Hunt’s Pasta Sauce $.88
Use the $1.00 off 3 Coupon (You will need to play a silly little game and then choose the Hunt’s Character.)
Total cost $.55 each

Progresso Soup $1.00- All Varieties
Use the $1.00 off 3 Progresso Coupon
Or the $1.00 off 3 Progresso Coupon
Total cost $.67 each!

Johnson’s Buddy Bar Soaps $.99
Use 1  the $1.00 off any Johnson’s Baby Product Coupon
And use 2 of the $1.00 off Johnson’s Baby Coupons
Or you could use 3 of the $1.00 off Johnson’s Baby Coupons from the 03-07-10 RP
Total cost 3 for FREE!  Plus, you get a $2.50 Catalina Back to use on your next purchase of 3 Buddy Bars!

Gillette Body Wash $3.33
Use the $2.00 Gillette Coupon from the 02-07-10 PG
Total cost $1.33!

Old Spice Deodorant $1.88
Use the $1.00 off Old Spice coupon from the 02-07-10 PG
Total cost $.88!

Arrowhead Water 24 Pack $3.50
Buy 2 and get a Free 6- Pack with the Arrowhead Coupon

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $1.79
Use the $.50 off 2 Betty Crocker Coupon
Plus, use the $.50 off 2 from either CellFire or Shorcuts
You pay $.79 per box!
**Plus, if you buy Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Roll Ups or Fruit Shapes you can get a Catalina to use on your next purchase. 
Buy 3 items, get a $1.50 Catalina.
Buy 4, get a $2.50 Catalina
Buy 5, Get a $3.50 Catalina

Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters $2.29
Use the $1.00 off Nut Clusters coupon
Plus, use the $1.00 off Cellfire Loadable coupon or the $1.00 off Shortcuts Loadable coupon
Total cost $.29!!

Hersheys Robin Eggs $1.67
Use the $2.00 off 3 Hersheys Coupon
Total cost $1.00 each!

Pillsbury French Dough Loaf $1.25
Use the $.40 off 2 Pillsbury Coupon
Plus use the $.40 off 2 Cellfire Loadable Coupon or Shortcuts Loadable coupon
Total cost $.85!

Sunny D 64 oz $.79
Use the $.25 off Sunny D Coupon
Total cost $.54!

Duracell Batteries $1.99
Your best bet are the C, D, or 9 Volt any size
Use the $1.00 off Duracell Coupon from the 02-07-10 PG
Total cost $1.00!!  (This is just as good as the Rayovac Deal we had a while back!)

Pillsbury Toaster Strudles $1.99
Use 2 of the $1.00 off Pillsbury Coupon
Plus use the $.55 off 2 Cellfire Loadable coupon or the Shortcuts Loadable coupon
Total cost $.72 each!!

Boulder Canyon Chips $1.67
Use the $1.00 off Boulder Chips Coupon
Total cost $.67!!

10 Pound Bag of Russet Potatoes $.99!

Charmin 6 Mega Rolls $5.99
Use the $.25 off Charmin coupon from the 03-07-10 PG
Plus, use the Upromise $.50 off coupon. (not taken off bill, added to cash back with Upromise)
Total cost $5.24

Bounty Paper Towels 8 Rolls $5.99
Use the $.50 off Upromise coupon (not taken off bill, added to cash back with Upromise)
Plus, use the $.25 off Bounty Coupon from the 03-07-10 PG
Total cost $5.24

If when checking out, your Cellfire or Shortcuts cou
pons do not come off your bill.  You will want to contact them directly.  They will credit your account and fix the problem.  ***However, remember that only one or the other will come off.  You CANNOT use a cellfire, shortcuts and a manufacturer coupon on one item.

**You can see more Smith’s coupon matchups by checking out the Shopping Wizard. I will only post the BEST deals.

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  1. Since I am new to couponing I have never really looked, but last night in my mail, what I would usually just throw away becuase I assumed it was junk mail was a copy of the Red Plum. I know you said that it only comes in one paper anymore, but I got it in the mail. I live in Ogden. Not sure if it is the same one that you guys get in the paper, but it did have some good deals and quite a bit of coupons. Just thought your readers in the Ogden area should know.Kasi

  2. I'm a bit confused. The deals listed, aren't they a manufacturer's coupon and a cellfire coupon combined? But then at the end, you said that they can't be combined.

  3. Kristy-You can use one manufacturer's coupon and one cellfire on each item. Or you can use one manufacturer's coupon and one shortcuts on each item. You cant use all three together. Make sense?

  4. Aha! Thanks so much for all your hard work Melea! You've saved me loads of $$$!!! See you in a week at your conference! Woohoo!

  5. I just purchased fruit snacks, but I only got $1.50 off 5! dang it! And so excited about Rod Works! I ordered a gift certificate so I should be getting it soon! Thanks so much! I didn't even know about that site!


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