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The First Cuts to Make to Your Budget!

Are you trying to tighten up your budget and save? It seems with a swipe of a card all your money just disappears but when you start tracking where your money is going you get better insight. So what do you start cutting back on to save money? Here are the first things you should cut out of your budget and stop spending money on. READ MORE »

How Your Bad Habits Are Hurting Your Bank Account!

We all have bad habits and things we’re working on changing. But there are some habits you’re going to want to work hard to change because they could be hurting your bank account. READ MORE »

STOP Spending Your Money on These 9 Items!

Were all trying to cut back and save money but for us, were trying to go from two incomes to just oneand that can be rough. So Ive put together a list of items that you should not be spending money on if youre trying to cut back! READ MORE »

SaveMore: Dispute the Charges on Your CC!

If you purchased the Barnes and Noble Gift Card deal from Save More, like I did, you will probably want to go ahead and dispute the charges on your CC and get your money back. READ MORE »

SaveMore: $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card Only $15!

Hurry! Today on you can purchase a $25 Gift Card to Barnes & Noble for only $15!This is a physical gift card that will be sent in the mail to you. Once you receive it, you can use it to make purchases in store or online! READ MORE »

Free Halloween Nail Shields and Free Shipping!!

Today at you can get $12 worth of Halloween Nail Shields for only $6.00!Plus, you will get FREE shipping! READ MORE »

Free Teeth Whitening Strips and FREE Shipping! HURRY!

Right now, SaveMore has Teeth Whitening Strips (normally $30) for only $7.00! Plus, once you create a new account with SaveMore, you will get a free $10 credit put in your account immediately. Use that Free Credit to get your $30 Teeth Whitening Strips for free! READ MORE »

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