Refinance Your Mortgage or Start a New Loan and Get a FREE $300 Target Gift Card from RANLife!

A lot of you have been asking if RANLife was going to be doing another Gift Card offer… Right now, if you refinance your mortgage with RANLife, or are purchasing a new home and need your loan done, you will get a FREE $300 Target Gift Card at closing!!  Yahoo!! READ MORE »

LAST DAY! Refinance Your Mortgage and Get a FREE $300 Target Gift Card for Christmas!

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Update:  Last day to grab this deal!

For the past few years, my husband and RANLife have offered some pretty killer deals on refinancing your mortgage.  Well after a little nagging from the wifey, they are going to offer another deal for any of you looking to refinance a mortgage or who need a new one for a newly purchased home! READ MORE »

TWO DAYS LEFT: TWO Sweet Deals for Real Estate and Refinancing or Purchasing a New Home! (Up to $1,000 In VISA Gift Cards!)

sell your home fast

Reminder, only two days left to get this deal!  Remember, you don’t have to have sold, purchased or refinanced your home by May 30th, just started the process by that time.  READ MORE »

National Deal on Re-financing or Purchasing a Home! Up to $5,000 Towards Your Mortgage!

freebies2deals save money on your mortgage

Reminder: This deal expires in a week!  If you are in the market and building a new home, this deal will save you a ton of money! READ MORE »

Mortgage Deal: $500 Gift Card to Walmart and Killer APR with Refinance or Purchase!

 Reminder: Today is the last day to get in on this deal!  You don’t have to have closed by today, just have started the process.  READ MORE »

Free $300 Target Gift Card with Purchase or Refinance!

Reminder:  Tomorrow is the last day to grab this deal. They won’t be doing another promotion for a few months. So, if you aren’t quite ready to refinance or purchase but are close, at least give him a call so you can be counted towards the promotion when you do start. READ MORE »

My Husband is Hooking you guys up! $500 VISA Gift Card and BEST Rate with Mortgage Refinance or Purchase!

It’s a New Year and time for a new deal from RANLife and my wonderful husband! Starting today through January 28th, you can get a $500 VISA Gift Card when you purchase a home or refinance your mortgage! READ MORE »

Sweepstakes: 12 People will win $10,000 Taken off their Mortgage!

Hey Everyone! I wanted to let you know something fun that RANLife Home Loans was doing. They are giving away $120,000 in a Principle Mortgage Reduction.  What does that mean?  It means that over the next 12 months, 12 people will get $10,000 taken off their Mortgage!  READ MORE »

Expires Soon: Skip a Month's Mortgage Payment AND get a $300 Target Gift Card for Christmas!

UPDATE:  Just a reminder that this offer ends on Nov. 30th!  So as long as you have called or emailed Brady by that date, you will qualify for the gift card- even if you don’t close for weeks after. Since the last time I posted it, Freebies2Deals Reader Jenny left this comment: READ MORE »

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