Start the Day Out Right with These Sugar Free Breakfast Ideas (Your Kids will Like Them Too!)

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 12.08.39 PMBreakfast. Yum. I love breakfast, but I’ve noticed that a lot of options have a TON of sugar in them.  Look at all of the cereal boxes or even frozen pre made breakfasts.  There is a lot of sugar!  The trick to eating a healthier breakfast is to have a sugar free base and then add healthier options on top.  For example, you could make a sugar free waffle, pancake or crepe and then add in fruits, cinnamon and greek yogurt instead of syrups and sugars. Have you ever had waffles or crepes with yogurt instead of syrup? It’s so good! Start YOUR day out right with these Sugar-Free Breakfast Ideas: READ MORE »

20 FREE Activities to Do with Your Family This Fall!


Fall is in the air! There are lots of things you can do with your family this time of year but I wanted to give you some FREE ideas of ways you can create memories with your kids and not spend anything! Here’s a list of 20 different ideas for you: READ MORE »

AirPods and Apple Watches, Oh MY! A Look at the New Apple Products!


As expected, Apple announced the new iPhone 7 yesterday. Although it is very similar to the iPhone 6, hard core Apple fans are sure to be happy with many of the iPhone 7 upgrades! READ MORE »

5 Reasons You Need a Meal Plan


Do you use a meal plan?  If you don’t, then you should.  You have probably noticed that a lot of websites and talk shows talk about meal planning and freezer cooking, because the work!  There are quite a few benefits that you will find once you start meal we touch on 5 of those. READ MORE »

The New iPhone 7 and Its Upgrades Are HERE!


Today is a pretty big day of the year for Apple lovers! As we mentioned previously, the Apple iPhone 7 is expected to be launched today, among a few other Apple products. The new iPhone 7 is most likely not going to have a ton of groundbreaking new features or ahead-of-its time technology, but there are a few nice new upgrades from the iPhone 6. READ MORE »

Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Batteries and Recall

Well, Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7 launch is really off to an explosive start…in more ways than one! By now, news of the exploding Galaxy Note 7 batteries has likely reached most of the world by now. If you haven’t heard, it’s really quite the debacle! READ MORE »

Simple Tips to Make Cleaning Your House Easier

clean house

Clean Your Home From The Top Down

We hear the phrase “from the top down” often, but in this case it is absolutely true. Cleaning from the ceilings down makes the most sense when cleaning a home.  Whether you are washing the walls or clearing counters, you are likely to get stuff on the floor.  Cleaning the floor last keeps you from having to do it more than once. READ MORE »

Start Your Kids College Education Fund Now! Super Easy Steps to Get Started!

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 10.59.21 AMCollege is expensive, but so important. In our world today, it’s hard to get a good paying job without a Bachelors or Masters degree. However, the price of tuition, housing and books keeps going up.  What if you could have a good savings fund and not have to stress about the cost of higher education in the future?  The question is…Have you started saving for that NOW? READ MORE »

Treat/Reward Yourself Without Buying or Eating Anything!


We all work hard and ever so often we need to treat ourselves. Whether you’ve met your goal weight, stuck to your goals, you keep your patience with your kids, broke a bad habit or stuck to your budget for the month there are ways you can treat yourself or reward yourself without buying anything or eating anything! Here’s a few ideas for you: READ MORE »

How to Have a Budget Friendly Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner and if you are anything like me, I’m sure you don’t want to spend a fortune on costumes, decor and candy.   READ MORE »

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