Easy Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

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If you are anything like me, you hate cleaning your kitchen. Its just not fun. Am I right? Over the years though, I have discovered some tips that make keeping my kitchen clean easier.

Clean Regularly

Heres a tip. The more often you do it, the less you actually have to do. If you keep a regular cleaning schedule, you will only spend a few minutes each day as opposed to having a huge project if you do it every couple of days.

Keep a Schedule

When it comes to jobs such as taking out the trash, be sure to keep the family on a schedule. Make sure that these jobs are done when they are suppose to be to prevent overflow and keep things tidy. No one wants to have to squish trash down in the can just because someone skipped taking it out. Same goes with recycling.

Empty Your Dishwasher

As soon as your dishwasher is done running, empty it out. That will allow you to be able to put dirty dishes into them as they become used instead of piling them up into the sink. This also keeps the kids into the habit of rinsing their dishes right away.

Keep Cleaning Wipes on Hand

I have developed a major love for cleaning wipes. Whenever you have spills or messes during your cooking sessions, grab a wipe and clean it up ASAP. If you are able to easy clean spills right away, you are far less likely to have major cleaning to do. I keep a canister of wipes right next to my dish soap.

Have a Designated Cabinet for Appliances

Keeping small kitchen appliances such as toasters, blenders, crockpots, etc. on your counters creates a cluttered, messy effect. Make sure that you have a cabinet designated for storing these appliances and you will find your counters are much tidier. My only exception to this is my coffee pot, well because. Its coffee!

Keep Mail and Papers out of the Kitchen

Once you bring mail or other papers into the kitchen it becomes way too easy to keep stacking stuff on top of that. Make it a general family rule that mail gets put into a designated spot so that you are not using your kitchen counter as a catchall.


How do you make keeping your kitchen clean less of a chore?

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