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How to Cut Your Food Bill This Summer

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Summertime is great. Beautiful weather, non stop adventures, lots of time with the kids, it’s simply awesome! Oh, let’s not forget about all of the food. That’s not an exaggeration, my friends, when kids are home all summer, they eat ALL OF THE FOOD. 

If you find yourself stressed about this, check out these tips on how to cut your food bill this summer and see how much money you can save on all of the groceries! Maybe you can even afford an adventure or two with all of the money you will save. 

How to Cut Your Food Bill This Summer

Grow a Garden

Okay, so initially a garden can seem kind of spendy, especially if you need to buy soil and build gardening containers, etc. Once you get it ready though, it can provide a lot of food for you and your family for very little money! A pack of seeds typically only costs a few dollars and you can often get many pounds of food out of that. 

Farmer’s Markets/Stands

I’ve said it before and I will continue to say it, but you can save some serious money if you shop for your produce at farm stands! You can buy some seriously cheap fruits and veggies and I don’t know about you, but we eat a lot of both during the summertime. 

U Pick Farms

Our family LOVES to eat lots and lots of berries during summer and if you always buy them at grocery stores, you can go broke! Blueberries, for example, can go for $3-$5 per 8 ounce package in my local grocery store produce department. To curb this cost, I have found a local blueberry farm that charges just $1 per pound for blueberries! My teenagers and I usually go blueberry picking one morning during summer for about 2-4 hours and often end up with 20 pounds or more of blueberries. This gives us berries to freeze and munch on for the entire summer!

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