15 Fun Family Reunion Games & Activities!

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freebies2deals-familyreunionSummer time brings families together. Sometimes that means a TON of people! Family Reunions are so fun and a great time to socialize with those family members you don’t see often. áHowever, it can be hard to find games and actives for large groups of people. áIf you’re having a Family Reunion this summer, here are a few games and activities that would be perfect for your family!

  1. Slip N Slide Kickball- Switch up normal kickball and add some slip n slides and kiddie pools! áFirst put a kiddie pool for each base (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and home) Second, you will need 1 or 3 slip n slides. áIf you want to go the easier route just place one slip n slide from 3rd base to home base. áIf you want more, then place one from home to 1st, 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd, and 3rd to home. áYou will also need a kickball. áThis is a fun, unique game for everyone to enjoy, especially younger kids!
  2. Sing Alongs- If anyone in your family knows how to play a musical instrument (guitar, banjo, harmonica, etc.) have them bring it along. áPrint out the words of the songs you will be singing. This will help more people feel comfortable in singing along.
  3. Hungry Hungry Hippo Human Version- You will need 4 skateboards, 4 containers (large enough to fit a few balls in them, and 100 or more plastic balls. áSplit up into 4 teams. áPlace all the balls in the center. áHave 1 person per team lay face down on the skateboards. áAnother team member will then hold the legs of the person on the skateboard and direct them towards the balls. áThe person on the skateboard will place the container over as many balls and they can get and bring them back to their spot. Winning team gets the most balls. áYou can see a demonstration here.
  4. Water BalloonáGames- Water Balloons are such a fun way to cool things off when it’s hot outside. áCheck out this article that was posted earlier for great ideas.
  5. Cupcake Wars- Pre-make Cupcakes and have a variety of decorating tools, frosting and items to put on top. áThen have a panel of judges to give out prizes.
  6. Frisbee Golf- Each person needs a frisbee. áSet up a course as you go. Start all together and have the first person pick an object that everyone needs to hit with their frisbee. áTake count on how many times it takes until you hit the object. The person with the fewest throws gets to pick the next object. The person with the fewest throws at the end wins.
  7. Relay Games & Races- áThis is a classic competition game perfect for reunions. áThis is one that can be spur of the moment with items that you have around your location. áHere are a few suggestions: Wheel Barrow Races, Two-legged Races, Tug a War, or the Spoon and Egg Race.
  8. Skittle Game- áAll you need is a BIG bag of Skittles…and who doesn’t love Skittles?! You can have a small group or a big group. First, pick a color of Skittle to be “it”. á Have everyone get in a big circle. Then pick a person to be in the middle bringingáthe skittles to each person. But make only the person in the middle canásee the Skittles. áEach person in the circle grabs one skittle and has to keep it in their mouth without swallowing until they get the “it” color. áWhen they do they can swallow. The person goes around the circle until you want to stop. áSee how many Skittles can be crammed into your mouth! This is best with teenagers or even adults.
  9. Guess Who- Have a few people write an experience that they had when they were younger. áIt could be the most embarrassing moment, how you met your spouse, or a childhood experience. áLet the rest of the group guess who it is. áThey can ask yes/no questions (Does this person have blonde hair? Does this person have a hat on? Is this person bald?) áOnce they guess the correct person have them finish the story.
  10. Family Skits- Divide into individual families and create a skit. áYou can have themes per family or have each family draw out of a hat what their skit will be. áHave random dress-ups and accessories that each family can use as well.
  11. Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest- Competitions are pretty fun. áHave everyone line up at a line and spit as far as they can go.
  12. Karaoke-áBuild a small stage and you can have a real microphone or just a spatula to sing in. áNow days, it’s super easy to have music anywhere you go. áBring a phone, iPod and turn it up. Try to include a good mixture of older/newer songs that more people will know so it’s more fun for everyone.
  13. Classic Night Games- Bring out the fun classic games like Kick the Can, Steal the Flag, Ghost in the Graveyard, or Sardines (1 person hide and everyone looks for that person. áWhen you find that person you stay and hide with them. áGame is over when the last person finds the group.)
  14. Craft: Handprint Shirts- Grab a shirt for every kid. áYou can find good deals of bulk shirts at Michaels, JoAnnes, Hobby Lobby or even Walmart. Then get paint and have each kid make a handprint on every shirt. áBy the end they have a shirt full of handprints from cousins.á
  15. Craft: Rock Painting- This is a super easy craft that only requires a rock, paint and brushes. áEach person can go on a rock hunt and pick their rock. áThen have them paint whatever they want! This is fun for any age.


Do you have any fun games or actives that you’ve done at your Family Reunions? áLeave a comment and let us know! ­čÖé

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