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Water Balloon Games to Beat the Heat This Summer

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water balloon games

Water balloons are a ton of fun during the summer! Water balloon wars are a blast, but they can also be over way to quick. It’s usually a pretty big bummer when the water wars end too fast here, so we usually try to stick with water balloon games.

Wanna keep the fun going at your house? Try out a few of these water balloon games next time the temperatures soar…

Water Balloon Piñata

Hang water filled balloons from a tree limb or other high, sturdy structure. We like to use regular balloons for this, since they don’t break as easily as regular water balloons. It just prolongs the fun a bit. Then, treat them just as you would a regular piñata. Give the kids a stick or broom handle and let them bash away at the balloons! Make sure only one child swings at the balloons at a time and all other people stand at a safe distant so they don’t get whacked!

Hot Potato 

Hot potato is always a fun game, but it’s even more fun with water balloons! Have the kids stand in a circle, or just facing each other if there are only two, and toss the balloon around. If someone tries to catch a water balloon and it breaks, that person is out. The last person left standing is the winner. If you have a large group of kids, use two or more water balloons to increase the fun and the splash factor! Double water balloon hot potato is one of our favorite water balloon games!

Water Balloon Target 

Combine two summer favorites for one of the simplest water balloon games there is—water balloon target practice. For this game, you’ll need some sidewalk chalk and a large paved area. Draw a large target on the paved area, with each ring worth a different number of points, and have the kids take turns tossing the water balloons at the target. This is a great game for smaller kids, because it helps them work on hand eye coordination and math.

Water Balloon Relay Race

If you know how a regular relay race is run, then you know that a water balloon relay race is sure to be a blast! Split kids into teams of two and choose two points—a starting point and a water balloon station—for each team. Place buckets full of an equal number of water balloons at each team’s water balloon station. Players then take turns running to the water balloon station and popping a water balloon. The players can only run back and tag the next person in line after they pop a water balloon. You can use your imagination to decide how they have to pop the water balloons too—on their heads, sitting on it, or under their chins, for instance.

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