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How To Make Your Own Flower Pots AND Save Money!

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freebies2deals-flowers2Do you have those neighbors with the perfect lawn, the perfect garden, the perfect flowers? Keeping up your yard and making it a beautiful place can be hard and expensive. However, there are ways to make it cheaper and more on your budget. One great way to bring some color and beauty to your yard is by adding Flower Pots.

Flower Pots can be expensive if you buy them directly from a store. So, instead of buying a flower pot already done and over priced, try making one on your own! If you’ve never made one before, here are a few simple steps to help you get started:

Step #1: Find a Pot

A really great way to find a flower pot is to check out your local classified ads. There are usually a TON of different options at great prices. You can also go to yard sales in your local area. That way you would be paying around $5 for a nice big pot, instead of $30. You could alsocheck out your local second hand store- like a DI or Savers.

Step #2:Potting Soil with Fertilizer

You want a good soil base for your flowers. You can buy potting soil with fertilizer in it at Home Depot and Lowe’s. A good price point to have in mind for potting soil is $2.00 each for the smaller bags. Then just be sure you read the instructions. After a few weeks don’t be afraid to add more soil if your pot gets low. After watering consistently the soil may wash out so you might need to add more to keep it full.


Step #3: Choose your Flowers (the fun part!)

A way to save money on your flowers is to look at your Hometown Values Magazines, or Mailers that you get. This time of year you can bet there will be coupons from your local nursery’s in there. Or, check out your nursery’s website. Sometimes there will be coupons on their site as well. When choosing your flowers, think of what colors would go well with your house color and surroundings.

A few suggestions when picking flowers:

  • Choose colors that blend well together
  • Choose flowers with different heights
  • Choose different types of flowers to give diversity and contrast
  • Choose flowers that will grow well where the flower pot is placed (shade or sun)
  • Add in a grass plant – Try Zebra Grass or Purple Fountain Grass


Step #4: Water, Water, Water

Flower pots dry out really quickly. You’ll want to make a regular routine of watering your flower pot. Grab a water pail or put your garden hose on low and make sure to thoroughly water the pot.

Do you have a favorite flower combination that you love? Be sure to share in the comments below! 🙂

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