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So…. What Happens When You Just Don’t Want to Save Money??

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Sick of saving money on groceries

This is a topic that I don’t think I have ever covered on Freebies2Deals before. So I thought it was time.

There are so many ways to save money on things. And sometimes there are multiple ways to “Stack” coupons or savings on one item. All of a sudden, you might find yourself weighing if that extra deal or discount is worth it or worth your time to use it.

As a mom, I am always trying to get things done quickly. With appointments, work, school, dance classes and everything else that needs to get done in a day, my time gets precious and having to weigh my time against the amount saved is definitelysomething that becomes a factor. Your time might be the same way!

I don’t ever find myself not wanting to save money at all. That’s just out of my nature. 😉 But sometimes I do ask myself how far I am willing to go to save a little extra.

For example, you might have used coupons and Price Matched at the grocery store. You might have even taken the time to use the Ibotta app and get cash back from your grocery purchases. That’s a lot of work for one grocery trip! Am I right?? But there is still more you could do to save even more. You could have used other grocery rebate apps, you could have used mobile coupons or the Cartwheel coupons if you were shopping at Target, you could have used eCoupons from your Kroger Store……. Start to see what I mean?

Using as many of those things as possible will save you the most money. And that’s ultimately what we are going for. But when I go to the store with my kids, it’s a battle- The. Whole. Time. So much so, that I really try hard to only do my grocery shopping when I can leave my kiddos with the hubby.

When you are either rushing to get grocery shopping done in between the million other things you have to do that day and/or you have crazy kids you can’t wait to get out of the store, your priorities might change a bit when it comes to saving money. And that’s ok!

I guess the point I am trying to make is that we all have a lot to do. We are all doing our best. And we all have the tools to save money. You do what YOU can handle to help your family save money. If money is very tight and the cost of your time isn’t as valuable because you really need to save as much as you can, that’s great. I’ve been there! Or you might have other time commitments and you are trying to save as much as you can with the time you have allotted. That’s great too! I’ve been there too!

Sometimes I find myself with 45 minutes in between school and dance class pick up/drop off and think to myself, I only have 45 minutes. Is that enough time? Can I get everything I need at the grocery store and be back in time to pick up my kids? That’s when I have to decide what I can do and what I have time to do. Sometimes those shopping trips only include items that are fresh produce, bread or other things that typically don’t have coupons involved because I didn’t plan ahead to grab them or I didn’t have time to clip and organize before I left my home. There are days like that a lot. And that’s ok!

So… what happens when you just don’t want to save money?

  1. It could be a burnout because you are running so hard trying to get every single discount.
  2. You might be kicking yourself because you feel like you aren’t doing a good enough job saving as much money as you should be.
  3. You aren’t seeing enough benefit or saving with the amount of time you are spending.


FIX for #1 and #2: Take a break. Not from saving money entirely, but maybe only Price Match for a bit. Or only use the Ibotta Rebate app. Or only shop deals from the front page of the ad. Tone it down a bit so you can still save money but not rip your hair out because it is taking such a toll.

FIX for #3: Try adding in a few of the other things I mentioned above so you are taking advantage of every single discount out there. Also remember to shop in season. Those items will be a lot cheaper than out of season items.

The whole point of this post is to let you guys know that you aren’t alone. Whatever you are feeling when it comes to saving money, I’ve been there and I’ve gone through it.

I want to encourage you to keep going! Keep up at all of the work you are doing to help your family be in a better financial situation. You are making a BIG difference!

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  1. Love you Melea and all that you do to help others out with their savings. If it was not for coupon blog sites, I would not have the time myself to do all of the research you do and post. Thanks again!!!

  2. Love this!

  3. Amen! Thanks for this post. I’ve been getting burned out from making dinner at home every night, so we’re going out tonight. You always just gotta do what you gotta do to survive well.

  4. Thanks Melea, I’ve been feeling this a lot lately.

  5. I always “want” to save money, but I value my time above all else. So not clipping coupons is like paying myself in more time with my kids:) Totally worth it!!


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