Yes, the Ice Bucket Challenge Really is That Cold! (You Can Laugh at My Expense…..)

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On Sunday, I was dared to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. I had seen it going around online and figured that thing would never even get close to me. I was wrong…. SO wrong!! You can watch it here:

(If you can’t see this in your email or RSS Feed, you can watch it here instead.)
ice bucket gtu
I decided to challenge the hosts of Good Things Utah to do the same… and they passed on the challenge to Michelle Money while she was there on the show. Such great awareness going around for ALS!!

Not gonna lie, being the one to dump the water was kinda fun. They were such great sports!

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  1. We watch this post for freebies and deals. This is not a freebie nor deal. Save this stuff for your family and or journal!

    • Umm really!? Wow!

    • Who the h are you to say what should be posted on HER site?! “We”??? Speak for yourself. What a rude comment.

      • I totally agree with D, unbelivable rude comment! If you don’t like the post don’t read it! WOW!

  2. Melea, I enjoy these kind of posts. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I also enjoy these posts!! And it is a “freebie” to watch and for ALS awareness it is definitely a good “deal”!!

  4. Unfortunately, Sometimes people are a little naive and get too caught up searching for the next freebie or deal. This fun challenge is certainly bringing awareness about ALS. Thanks for sharing!

  5. The whole reason I watch this blog is because she is real and interacts with followers like this. If you don’t like how she blogs either skip the post or skip the blog all together. I understand it isn’t something you’re interested in but negativity isn’t something you need to spread. This post is actually raising money for a charity and is exactly the type of thing people who save money can/should support. I hope Melea continues to be a good sport and raise awareness for stuff like this.

  6. I was SHOCKED to read the rudeness & negativity regarding this post! I thought it was awesome!! Melea, just shake it off & keep doing what you’re doing. I wonder if Holly is also against your Christmas program as well?

    I also appreciated that you didn’t use a ton of water like others have. Waste…Waste…Waste. You might consider having others do the challenge over areas that could benefit from the water like say the grass. : )

  7. Thank you everyone for sticking up for me! I love that I have such awesome readers who are willing to do that. I do get some strange and rude comments, and it always helps that you guys have my back!!! XOXO!

  8. Yaaaay! I love that you did this challenge! I think it’s great to see you and your REAL life and not just getting to reap the benefits of your hard work. Thank you for being so fantastic in about 47 billion different ways. 🙂


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