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How to Keep Your Berries Fresh Longer!

Oh, I wish I would have known this tip sooner!  I’m a big fan of Strawberries.  And, when I see them for $1.50 or less, I want to stock up on them.  But, I’m always sad because I know they will go bad before I can even get to them.  Well, not anymore!

Once again, found an awesome tip on Pinterest! (You really should join, if you haven’t already.  Love the frugal tips I find on there.)

Did you know that you can actually rinse your Strawberries.. or any other berries actually in 1 part Vinegar and 10 Parts Water?  By doing so, you will kill any mold on the berries- leaving them guaranteed to last for at least a week or even longer!  And, you can’t taste the Vinegar.

This awesome tip was shared by Food Lush Blog.  And you can re-pin it to your own Pinterest account here!

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  1. I swear vinegar it has become one of my family members, I can’t leave without it anymore. I use it to kill my weeds, to clean my glass door and mirrors and for my laundry. If u want to save money google all u can do with vinegar, you will be amazed!!!

  2. Did you actually try this tip before posting it? I’m sorry to say I saw the same post on Pinterest and tried it a few days ago . . . it did NOT work. I did everything it said and then dried the berries thoroughly before putting them back in the fridge and there were moldy ones the very next day.

  3. I pinned this about a month ago also and I am not certain if it works or not…strawberries don’t last more than 2 days at our house haha! I am anxious to see if it helps my homegrown berries (strawberries and raspberries) and other delicate berries like blackberries! We shall see…makes sense that it would work!

  4. You all need to discover Tupperware’s Fridgesmart containers. (No, I don’t sell them!) I bought 3 sets of them on sale last summer and they seriously keep all kinds of produce fresh for super long. My strawberries (not rinsed, just tossed in) still look great after 10 days. I can get 6 heads of romaine lettuce from Costco and use them slowly with my family of 3 over 2 or 3 weeks. I save a lot of money by buying produce in bulk and making fewer trips to the store (aka fewer impulse buys). These containers really do work and it is easy to take care of your food since you don’t have to wash anything before you put it away.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I’m going to check into them. (Tupperware’s Fridgesmart containers.)

  5. Thanks for the tip. We grow just about every berry under the sun in our backyard and would love to try this.

  6. I don’t have the problem with strawberries as much as my raspberries. The raspberries we grow have mold on the outside before I even pick them off the bush. I’ll have to try this and see if it works.

  7. You’re not supposed to wash berries until you’re ready to eat them… Washing them makes them rot faster.

  8. I saw this tip on pinterest and I tried it, it is amazing! We never used to be able to eat a costco sized package of strawberries without having to throw away a few, but this makes them last for weeks! Just make sure you rinse them really well so you don’t end up with pickled berries 🙂


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