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How to Store Coupons- 3 Different Methods

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We have a lot of new couponers visiting the site. So I thought it might be a good idea to share this post again on How to Organize Your Coupons:

So, if you are new to coupons, you are probably wondering, “How do I organize and store my coupons?”

A few weeks ago, I threw together a video that shows the “Binder Method”. I personally use this method. I love it because if I ever see a deal when I am out shopping, that wasn’t previously mentioned, I can get it then. I hate not having my coupons with me because then I have to go home and get the coupon and go back to the store. If you have kids, one shopping trip is enough for me as I’m sure it is for you too!

**I also talk about the “Accordian Folder Method in the Video“. That is perfect if you are starting out and just want to take a few coupons with you. It is also a small enough folder that you can put it in your purse.

Another way to store your coupons is the “File Cabinet Method.” If you are one of those people who want to do as little cutting as possible, or just want the least amount of hassle, this is the way for you!

Whenever you get the coupon inserts from the Sunday Paper, just write in Black Marker the date of the Sunday paper you got it from. Then, store them away in a file folder, cabinet or something similar. Then, when I post the deals, I ALWAYS give you a date. So, if I say “Use the $1.00/1 coupon from the 12/3 SS”, you know that you can go to your 12/3 Smart Source Insert and cut out just the coupon you need. It is a time saver! The only negative to this method is that you don’t always have your coupons on you when you are at the store. So, if you happen to find something on clearance, you won’t have your coupons to grab the deal.

Either way has been proven to work quite nicely. You just need to see which method works for you! Good Luck! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or leave a comment on my Facebook Page or the website!

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  1. I’m an accordion file user(and maker) but I use two bigger ones, one for food and one for household items. I prefer this because I don’t have a huge binder but I have enough room to store lots of coupons and I always have the coupons for those clearance deals you are talking about! I used to do the file cabinet method… that always drove me nuts when i saw a deal and didn’t have my coupons. Lots of deals are not advertised too!

  2. I’m pretty new to couponing and I’ve been using the accordion file method. It’s nice because like you said, it fits right in my bag. If I’m just going for a quick trip to Walgreens or Walmart I can put it in my handbag, but if I’m going out for the day I can just throw it in my diaper bag, it doesn’t take up much space, and I have it if I realize I need to go to the store while out. However, it can be a pain in my behind trying to sort through all the coupons in each catagory trying to find the right one. Especially with my 2 kids trying to take them away! I would really like to step up to the binder method but I’m just not sure I’m ready for it yet. I really like the idea of have different sections for each store, and then each store divided into their corrisponding departments. Easpecially since all the stores I visit are laid out differently and I like to order them in the same order I walk through store.

    • LOL… that was then… I have now stepped up to the BINDER too… I still love to have a little accordion for those random coupons I run across but they eventually make it into the binder, the one that has the baseball card inserts so I have each and every coupon easy to flip through… although I haven’t taken the binder to the store yet, I have only had the binder for about a week and it has made it so mcuh easier to plan the list then pull out the coupons… I just file by products…similar to how I organized in my accordion file before. I have been thinking I need to add in store pages though for the store specific coupons too.

      • also, i want to put tabs on my different sections so i can easily flip to them. I guess you could just put card stock inbetween each section too with it labeled… just thought about that, geeze I still have lots to learn

  3. I have been using the File Cabinet method for over a year now and it works great for me. We are on a pretty tight budget so I usually only shop every two weeks (on pay day) and plan my list and coupons in advance of the shopping trip and just cut the coupons I need based on what’s on sale and clip just the coupons I need. This saves me a lot of time. It I’m making a mid week trip to the store to pick something up I always come here to check what great deals that store has w/ coupons for the week. I print the list from the site and put it in a plastic sleeve w/ the coupons I need for that trip. If you don’t have hours to spend cutting & sorting coupons and don’t go to the store every other day then this method will work great for you.

  4. I’m starting out and I have an Accordian small file but I love your binder idea and I actually have a binder with a zipper now I just need the baseball card holders. Great System!!

  5. I have a question about multiple coupons. If you have coupons that are exactly the same, do they get their own pocket in the binder or does each one go in separately? I’m new and stopped for a week to get them all organized!

    • I put all of the same exact coupons in the same pocket. That way I know how many of the item I can purchase with how many coupons I have

      • Thanks! Do you also group “like” coupons together? Such as 35 cents off any Tide product with one that is 50 cents off any Tide?

        • I do but I’m totally new to the binder stage of couponing, lol… It just makes sense to me to combine them but you have to do what makes sense for you:)

  6. Melea,
    When you organize your coupons by category (in baseball sheets) Do you also sort by expiration date? I have tried several ways and still cannot find the way I like… I have coupon burn out 🙁

  7. I think I am burned out and haven’t got a good start yet. I bought a binder, decided it was to big to drag in the store, so I bought a coupon clutch that holds a smaller 3 ring binder that looks like a purse. That was a big mistake. Paid big bucks for just the cover. Now I am down to a small accordian file that will fit in my purse. I bought all sizes of plastic holders, have hundreds of coupons and now I have no idea where to start. Clipping is the fun part, keeping track of what goes where is a lot of work and has become overwhelming, Just hoping my coupons don’t all expire before I get started. 🙂


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