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Skip a Month's Mortgage Payment AND Get a $300 Target Gift Card for Christmas!

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A few months ago, my husband and RANLife offered some pretty killer deals on refinancing your mortgage.  Well, after a little nagging from the wifey, they are going to offer another deal for any of you looking to refinance a mortgage or who need a new one for a newly purchased home!

My personal favorite part of refinancing is that you always get to skip a month’s mortgage payment! And when money is tight, it is great to use that money for other bills.  And then have a lower monthly payment when your new rate starts.  And since it is October, you can skip November’s Payment and use it to help pay for Christmas, or get caught up on other bills!  So it is perfect timing.

My husband has been able to help a TON of Freebies2Deals Readers get a lower mortgage rate and better payment.  So if you have been looking around, here is a deal you won’t want to pass up!

Refinance your Home through Brady at RANLife and get a $300 Target Gift Card!  You will be able to skip a month’s mortage payment too.  And, they guarantee the best rate on your mortgage.  So the best rate and a $300 Target Gift Card is THE best deal you will see! 

**If another company has already given you a Good Faith Estimate with a interest rate on it, Brady will match that rate and give you the $300 Target Gift Card too! 

Just email Brady at or call him at 801-478-4503 and he can answer any questions you have. Or fill out a pre-approval form here to get started.

This offer will expire November 30th. The offer is valid throughout the entire United States.  So don’t think that you can’t get this deal because you don’t live where we do! 

Here is a Testimonial from David and Tammy who refinanced last time there was a similar offer on the site:

“I was reading through the daily deals on freebies and came across one about refinance opportunities. We had been down that road before and didn’t have success. We actually were told we couldn’t qualify due to being self-employed. We were very discouraged. After reading some of the testimonials on the Freebies website, I decided we would give Brady a call and see. We closed on Thursday and I can’t explain how wonderful our experience has been. We have had friends in the business that haven’t treated us as well as Brady. We are customers for life and feel very confident in recommending Brady to everyone we talk to. “

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  1. just emailed him, hopefully he can help with our situation in Texas. We built a new house but couldn't close due to having to rent out our Utah home, and they only let us count 75% of income from rent. So we're under a 6 month interest only loan, but by March we have to find a way to get the loan for the house, so here's hoping he can help us!

  2. Anonymous- Anonymous comments are not accepted on this site. Please leave a comment by signing in.Jason-Yes, I hope he can too!!

  3. You seem to leave the anonymous comments on all your posts when you like what an "anonymous" person says. Maybe you should strictly enforce removing all anonymous comments, or don't let that be an option on here. It just bugs when I see anonymous comments all the time being posted and they are great and left as long as you like what they say.

  4. How many times in a month can you keep pushing him to benifit yourself!

  5. Anonymous- I get hundreds of comments on my posts a day. I do my best to delete the anonymous comments but I dont get around to all of them. I cannot remove the option for Anonymous without making all of you create an account. So I am doing my best with what I have to work with.

  6. 2nd Anonymous- I have not posted a deal for refinancing a mortagage through my husband and RANLife for 4 months. And, I have made sure that it is the absolute BEST deal on refinancing in the entire country. Thats what I do. Find the best deals that I can on everything… and that includes mortgages. If you don't like what I post on the site, you are more than welcome to not visit any longer. Anonymous comments are regulated for a reason. People don't leave their name so they can feel like they can post whatever they want.

  7. I think it is awesome you can promote what your husband does to help get other people a great deal on refinancing their mortgage!! Way to go!

  8. Anonymous – Why would you even care if she pushed his company? Apparently you are not a team player in your marriage, if you are even married! Get over it and find something better to do than post stupid comments that waste everyones time. Melea…I think you are doing a great job! Keep it up!

  9. I'm so glad I saw this post last month and I finally called Brady a few weeks ago to look into Refinancing.. We are in the middle of closing now and the best thing we've done to go with Brady.. Its been so smooth and easy to work with him.. I've never actually met him yet but he's been great to work with and so nice on the phone with all my questions.. I love your site and all the deals I get I feel like I already know you and Brady.. Keep up the great work.. Thanks again for all the deals : )Jenny


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