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So Nice to See Some Good Customer Service!!

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So many times we complain about companies who don’t honor their promotions or just have awful customer service.  So I thought it would be nice to feature a company that really exceeded my expectations of awesome customer service.

Three days ago, I used 2 different promo codes to get a killer deal on all of my Winter apparel from Victoria’s Secret.  I needed a Wool Coat and new boots.  And since I could get $75 off and 20% off, it was the best deal I could find by far.  And by purchasing ahead of time, I really saved a lot of money!

Well two days later, they came out with another Free Shipping promo code on Any order!  I was totally annoyed that I hadn’t waited to place my order and score the free shipping too. It cost me $20 to ship my items because they were so heavy.

I sent an email to Victoria’s Secret asking if they could credit me for my shipping costs. And guess what??  They did!! They put all $20 back on to my credit card.  Can I tell you how happy that made me?  And they got back to me within a few hours.  So not only did they have great customer service but they didn’t make me wait all week for an answer.

Victoria’s Secret has now made me love them even more for crediting my account. And you can bet I will order from them in the future! 

Have you had any awesome customer service experiences with companies lately?  If so, share!!  We can all benefit from knowing which companies take care of their customers!

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  1. I bought a car seat for baby #1 from Combi, and while using it for baby #2 it was recalled. They sent out a retro-fit kit to fix the problem, but it also made it nearly impossible to remove from the base. We just had baby #3, and I remembered how much I hated using the car seat. So I called customer service to see if there was something that could be done, and they replaced the car seat with a brand new one! I just had to pay for shipping. Nothing but love for Combi.

  2. I had an amazing experience at Home Depot! I got some blinds from a friend that they didn't use, still in the packaging, just the wrong size for my window, so I took them to HOme Depot to exchange for the right size, turns out they were older than we thought and not in their system anymore, but instead of just telling me too bad the Manager gave me a credit (worth more than the blinds) towards the ones I wanted…and told me to keep the others since they couldn't do anything with them…SOOO GREAT! I always used to go to Lowes first, but not anymore!!

  3. Cabelas is always great to work with!

  4. opposite experience with VS! The online store/magazine and the regular store are different companies so you cannot return. They charged 20$ for shipping and WOULDN'T budge! I'm glad you had a better experience. I love their stuff, but will not buy online in the future. Grr. Why do they have the same name if it's not the same company? ah!

  5. I bought the gift cert from City Deals for $50 to plentiful pantry. I LOVED the food so I ordered a second $50 gift cert. Well, I can't find it anywhere. It is lost in my house somewhere or invisibly snuck into the garbage. I called city deals and they did nothing for me, but then I emailed plentiful pantry and although they couldn't replace my gift cert, they did give me a one time use of 30% off my order! It was SO NICE. They responded immediately too. I was very appreciative of their customer service in trying to help me and ease the pain of losing my gift cert!!

  6. By FAR I have had the best customer service experiences at Burt Brothers in Bountiful. They always greet me when I come in by name, and have done numerous small fixes for free. They have repaired flats for free (even if I didn't buy the tires from them), have given me credits for coupons that I forgot to bring with me, and knocked off the diagnostic fees if they do the repairs. Totally a customer for life.

  7. Ashley furniture in Layton has the worst customer service! we bought a bed there back in May and they delivered in July… long story short, the bed has a gap about 10" between the matress and the end of the bed, my 3 years old fall of in there and they wont do anythig about it! not even exchange the bed or money back. so disappointed, it was our very first bed after 7 years of marriage! and it is a hazard for my family, but they don't care about customers.totally won't go there ever again!


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