Early Baby- Good Thing I had Coupons!

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So one of my friends just had her baby this morning an entire month early!  It is her first one and she was just about to start having all of her showers. So when I got the text this morning, I realized she had absolutely nothing!  No diapers, no baby clothes… Nothing!

So, I checked my coupon binder to see what kinds of Baby Coupons I had.  And, luckily I had a bunch that I could use to grab stuff for her.  So this afternoon I went over to Target- starting stacking Manufacturer Coupons and Target Coupons on Diapers, Wipes, Baby Lotion and everything else you can think of! 

I ended up saving over $70- just by using the coupons I had in my binder!  I was definitely happy that I was prepared with a coupon binder ready to go.  How would I have known that I would have had to go on a shopping spree this morning??

There are many times that will come up in life where you haven’t planned your shopping trip. If you haven’t had to already, you will have to go to the store in a hurry without planning a thing.  And if that is freaking you out a bit, don’t worry!  It takes a little more time at the store to figure things out- what is a deal and what isn’t.  But, you CAN go to the store without a plan and do a pretty good job saving money just with the coupons you have.  And for the items you don’t have coupons for, go for a store brand instead if it is cheaper!

Have any of you had similar situations where you had to fly by the seat of your coupon binder??  Share with us and leave some motivation!!

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  1. Check out CouponShak, great coupons, online and at the grocery store.

  2. I wouldn't say I HAD to fly by the seat of my coupon organizers but I just posted about my saturday shopping trip when I was glad to have my coupons all organized away, check it out here…


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