Rewarding your Referrals!

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As I’m looking at my site statistics, many of you who run your own websites or blogs  have referred a lot of new readers to Freebies2Deals!  So, I thought it would only be fair to compensate you guys in some way for referring new readers.

On the 1st of each month, I am going to write up a post about the top 3 websites/blogs that referred the most people to Freebies2Deals.  I will write up a little blurb about the sites and give links.  That way, the thousands of my readers can go and check out your site as well!

I know we are already half-way into August, but I’m still going to do our top 3 for the Month of August on September 1st.  If you want to participate, you don’t really have to do much.  When someone leaves your site and comes to mine, I will see the unique visit.  It won’t track multiple visits from one computer though.  If you get a deal from my site and post it in your own words, with a link back- I will see it.  Or, you can just have a Freebies2Deals button on your site.  It doesn’t really matter how people get to the site.  As long as they come from your site, it will count!

So, I hope that by doing this fun little experiment I can help reward those of you who bring a lot of new readers to the Freebies2Deals site!  Im looking forward to September 1st!

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  1. Great experiment! I know I send some people from my personal blog…and of course my cooking blog!!

  2. I'd have to agree with the above comment^. Truly a great way to get referrals. I just started my own blog today about various online deals (am starting with the sites I use the most and with the greatest deals/rewards and will keep posting down to the lesser frequented sites, as time permits). Feel free to visit! [unfortunately, I have no followers yet, so not able to refer people… in fact, I'm rather new at this and don't even know how I would refer people anyway, but I guess I'll slowly learn along the way! 🙂 ]


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