I'm Finally Caught up on Coupons!

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With everything that goes on in your life, sometimes cutting the weekly coupons slips by for a week or so.  And, in my case… it slipped by for 5 weeks!  Whooops! 

Since the Smith’s Double Coupon event is starting soon, I figured I should get my act in gear and cut my coupons!  It took me three hours last night, but I did it!  And it feels so great to finally have everything organized and ready to go.

I’m sure there are a bunch of you that have procrastinated cutting your coupons too.  We all do it.  Life gets busy!  But it sure does feel great to get it done.  So leave a comment once you are done too!

**Need a tip to make time go by faster?  Instead of cutting your coupons out at a table, try putting on one of your favorite movies and cutting them out on the couch!  That way, your mind gets to enjoy the movie while you are methodically cutting out coupons.  It made my 3 hours go by really fast last night!

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  1. oh man…I have at least five weeks to do before wednesday too!!

  2. I think i am only 2 weeks behind… What i do is lay out a blanket on the the floor. Grab me a drink and a munchie all of my tools and plop on the floor. I love having the space to spread out.

  3. I had the same problem yesterday. I just kept putting my coupons in the cupboard and telling myself I would do it tomorrow and then 3 weeks later I still hadn't clipped them. I finally told my husband to take care of our daughter and I finished clipping and organizing them – just in time for Smith's coupon event!

  4. I am sooo behind! I was two weeks behind before I left on vacation and then Sunday came around again…now I'm 5 weeks! Besides watching a movie, I always do this too…do you guys have any fast tips to clipping them?

  5. I was two weeks behind as well! UGH! It took me a long time though, because I had to go through and throw out my old ones! I used to make a huge pile as I cute them, but have decided to organize and put them in their place as I cut. Seems to go a little faster:)

  6. J-If you have multiple copies of that paper, make sure you are putting the same coupons on top of each other so you are cutting them all at once. Also, you only need to cut coupons of items you would buy. Don't waste time cutting coupons on products your family would never eat or use.

  7. When I clip my 5 newspapers, I sort the pages that are the same, then staple RIGHT on each coupon. When I cut, I am cutting 5 at a time and when I'm done they are alredy stuck together ready to file!! It takes about 15 minutes to cut all 5 papers. I love having the same coupons stapled too because it makes it soooo easy to pull out when I need it, or to throw away when they are expired. Might save you some time.Also responding to J's comment, I used to think I wouldn't keep coupons for things I never buy, however I found that I can make money on certain items if I have a coupon. (Mostly medicines) I keep everything except dog food and coffee and I have been able to use many coupons I would never normally use to get overage on my purchases!


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