How to Leave a Comment for Giveaways!

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I have had numerous people email me about this, so I have decided to post about it.

At the very bottom of each item that I post, you will see a turqoise link that says “Comments”.  Click on that to leave any comment on the site.

If you are wanting to enter a Giveaway that I have posted, you will just want to leave a comment on the actual Giveaway Post.

To find the giveaway, click on the Giveaway Button in the Navigation at the top of the Freebies2Deals site.  Then, you can scroll to find the giveaways you want to enter.  At the bottom of each Giveaway post, the same “Comments” link will be there.

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  1. How are you choosing who wins the giveaways??

  2. It is all done randomly through

  3. thank you so much for explaining that i have wanted to enter so many give aways and never could figure out how! THANKSAshley Nickel

  4. Entering for the cookie/mothers day gift. Also, I signed up for the national consumer thing the last time you posted it and I received the scanner in the mail this week.

  5. My mother is like the energizer bunny. She will be 69 this year. She live sixty miles away from me, she visits us twice a week. After I had back surgery in 2005 she was her every day to help me with my baby and my household chores. She is more like my sister/best friend. She has always been there for me. She has been single parent my whole life. Raised 4 children alone. She now takes in foster children. She is my inspiration. We love Thanks a bunch. Daneille I am a subscriber.


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